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Marjo van Gelderen-van Gelderen

Marjo van Gelderen-van Gelderen

Introducing Marjo van Gelderen, the financial expert at Gimbrere Legal, whose passion for financial administration has spanned over 30 years. Marjo brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to the law firm.

Marjo’s journey in financial administration has been diverse, including a role as a co-owner of a family business and managing financial affairs at various law firms. Her rich background has equipped her with a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial management.

For Marjo, the allure lies in the challenges, the dynamic work atmosphere, and the variety that each day brings. Efficiency, discretion, and accuracy are the cornerstones of her professional ethos. She finds purpose and satisfaction in staying current with industry trends, embracing optimal digitization, and continuously innovating financial administration in its broadest sense.

Working alongside an enthusiastic team of colleagues at Gimbrere Legal invigorates Marjo, providing her with new energy each day. She firmly believes that a collaborative and supportive work environment is key to overcoming challenges and achieving shared goals. Her commitment to her work is encapsulated in the motto “Amor vincit omnia” – with love, even for your profession, you overcome everything in the end.

Marjo’s vibrant personality extends beyond the realm of financial administration. She is known for her curiosity, energy, and willingness to tackle challenges outside her comfort zone. Rather than shying away, she views these challenges as opportunities for personal growth and development.

In her pursuit of excellence, Marjo embodies the spirit of continuous improvement. Her dedication to innovation and staying at the forefront of financial practices makes her an invaluable asset to Gimbrere Legal. With love and dedication, Marjo van Gelderen exemplifies how passion and professionalism can conquer any challenge in the ever-evolving landscape of financial administration.

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