Labor dispute


Labor dispute

Labor dispute

One speaks of a labor dispute when a conflict arises within a labor organization over, among other things, terms and conditions of employment or working conditions. This is usually referred to as a conflict situation between an employee and employer. A dispute with an employer is unfortunately (too) common and is never fun. There can be different forms and reasons for labor disputes. The most common are:

  • a conflict due to absenteeism;
  • a labor dispute due to poor communication;
  • conflict through emotional action;

More specific reasons may include late pay, unexpected dismissal or an on-the-job accident. Or getting too few vacation days when you are sure you are entitled to more. And what about a profit distribution you suddenly don’t get?

Sometimes the cause of conflict is that you simply cannot get along with your employer. Is conflict looming? Then quickly enlist the legal help of Gimbrere Legal. We advise employers and employees. We help with various labor disputes. Such as disability, absenteeism, illness, reintegration or topics related to coronavirus.

Our help consists of advice, mediation or litigation, just what is wise in relevant situation to best serve your rights.

An employment law attorney from Gimbrere Legal will help you with this, so that the conflict is managed properly.


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