Property in the Netherlands

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Property in the Netherlands

Property in the Netherlands

You are a foreigner interested in real estate in the Netherlands? Are you looking for a luxury country house or farmhouse, a modern villa or a stylish apartment in the Netherlands? You may also need office or business space as a non-Native.

We are happy to assist you in the search for your suitable (second) home or temporary living or working space.

Rent in the Netherlands

Will you soon be looking for a house in the Netherlands as an employee from abroad, therefore as an expat? Or are you living abroad but very regularly visiting family in the Netherlands? Then renting a house in the Netherlands is an interesting option. This house can serve as your permanent residence when you are in the Netherlands.

Some points to keep in mind before signing a lease between you and the landlord are:

  • the duration
  • the contractual destination of the leased property
  • the termination
  • the possible extension

Rental property

The moment you rent a property, you automatically have to deal with rental agreements and, for example, property maintenance. Want to know how it works with subletting and co-tenancy? Or have you received a letter telling you to leave your home? These are all questions governed by the lease agreement and by law.

Gimbrere Legal provides support for conflicts or issues regarding rent and leasing. Our rental law attorneys will help you draft or review the lease agreement. We therefore invite you to submit your lease to us for legal screening.

Living in the Netherlands

Do you decide to live in the Netherlands as a foreigner? Then all sorts of things need to be arranged. On this site of the Central government read what you need to arrange when you come to live in the Netherlands. Upon your departure from abroad, you must deregister from the municipality where you live. Then register with the municipality where you will live. U moet dit doen binnen 5 dagen na uw aankomst en Nederland. The relevant municipality then provides a citizen service number (BSN) and registration in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP).

Property purchase

Gimbrere Legal will be happy to guide you through the purchase process. We are committed to answer all your questions regarding buying or renting a house in the Netherlands. For example, our lawyers can advise you on the following issues, among others:

  • How to officially transfer the property in question to your name;
  • financing your home;
  • On the power of signature or power of attorney;
  • The (preparation for the ) signing of the purchase contract;
  • the payment of the purchase price;
  • Drafting/adapting a preliminary sales contract.

Are you a foreigner interested in renting or buying a house in the Netherlands? Please feel free to contact Gimbrere Legal to schedule an appointment. Our legal specialists will be happy to help you with the search for your (second) home.

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