Settlement Agreement (VSO).


Settlement Agreement (VSO).

Settlement Agreement

The parties may have a dispute and reach certain agreements with each other in that context. In this case, it is wise to record those agreements in a so-called settlement agreement, abbreviated as VSO. That way you and your employer know where you stand when your employment contract is terminated.

The agreement makes important arrangements about how you will separate. Clear and unambiguous agreements on paper can save going to court. If one of the parties does not comply with the agreements made, a settlement agreement can provide clarity in court, saving time and costs.

A settlement agreement can be entered into to prevent or terminate an existing dispute. Usually this agreement is preceded by settlement negotiations.

The employment law attorneys at Gimbrere Legal not only have extensive experience in drafting a settlement agreement. But they also litigate that for their client should the need arise. The team of attorneys at Gimbrere Legal are very committed and think solution-oriented in their clients’ cases.

Our lawyers are not only there to draft an agreement, but they are also happy to review it for you. Therefore, feel free to have your settlement agreement checked by one of our specialists. Among other things, we are also here to legally verify your severance pay upon termination. Is your VSO correct, are you entitled to unemployment benefits, is the severance pay high enough, and are your other rights guaranteed? If the drafting of the agreement is done in a legally correct manner, you will receive unemployment benefits after your dismissal.

Do not take an unnecessary risk and therefore never just sign an agreement.


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