Work accident


Work accident

Work accident

Legal support in the event of a workplace accident

An accident is in a small corner. Even – or perhaps especially – while at work. Any accident is considered an accident at work that happens to an employee during and through the fact of the performance of the employment contract, causing an injury.

There are different types of accidents, a summary:

  • a collision by a vehicle
  • Fall from a roof, floor, platform or vehicle or otherwise
  • contact with moving parts of a machine
  • being buried under a mass
  • Getting trapped between machines or otherwise
  • injury from fire, open flames or contact with a hot or cold surface
  • injury from electricity or hazardous materials
  • (extreme) strain on body parts
  • (physical) contact with an aggressive person
  • Being hit by a rolling or sliding object or bumping into something
  • injury from an explosion

Most of the time, fortunately, it goes well. But sometimes they don’t. If you suffer personal injury due to a workplace accident, we will help you recover those damages from your employer. We can help you obtain compensation. After all, your employer is responsible for your safety. Your employer is also usually liable for a workplace accident.

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