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Mariona Ferrer Mora

Mariona Ferrer Mora

Mariona Ferrer Mora

“Hard work pays off”

Before joining Gimbrere Legal, Mariona worked in Brussels in a Belgian law firm specialized in bilateral law between Spain and Belgium, where she was able to obtain practice in several areas of Private International Law, especially in international succession law, international family law and Real Estate. Also, Mariona obtained a mention and specialization in criminal law.

During her academic years, she gained experience both in the Social Courts of Barcelona as a legal assistant, acquiring all the procedural practice to litigate; and in the legal department of an international pharmaceutical company, focusing on corporate and business contract law. In this sense, Mariona has a broad mind with the ability to look at cases from different perspectives.

In her spare time, Mariona is a cellist in an orchestra in Barcelona; and she enjoys visiting her island Menorca – where she is from -, doing sports and discovering new places. 

Mariona is not only familiar with Menorca, but also with the islands Ibiza and Mallorca. As a result, she is also able to advise and assist our clients there.

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