Spanish Law

Gimbrere Legal is a law firm founded in Breda, The Netherlands, in 1983. Over the years, we have formed a team of professionals in the areas of law in which we specialize.

At Gimbrere Legal we always prioritize our clients’ objectives, trying to be as decisive and practical as possible. Our plus: we are a multilingual team and can advise you in your preferred language.

Gimbrere Legal is located in Barcelona on the 27th floor of the Mapfre Tower, a building with spectacular views of the Olympic Port and the Barcelona coastline. The Tower is situated at the end of Avenida Marina, located in one of Barcelona’s most vibrant business centers, and just steps away from the city’s best beaches and tapas bars. Spain is a wonderful country to be on vacation, to do business and to live. Una tierra de sol, mar y hospitalidad.

Gimbrere Legal cuenta con abogadas y abogados especializados. We help businessmen and individuals with all their doubts about legal issues. We do it from our offices in Barcelona, but also from our international offices. Are you looking for legal assistance in Spain or on the Spanish islands of Ibiza or Mallorca? For example, when setting up a company in Spain or buying a home? Feel free to contact us.

Gimbrere Legal specializes in Spanish laws and regulations. Our team has national coverage and Spanish-speaking lawyers who assist in matters of inheritance law, corporate law, criminal law, real estate, including the purchase of a property in Spain.

Also, if you are a foreigner, we can help you apply for a NIE. The NIE application is something that lawyers can handle quickly. In addition to Spanish customers, Gimbrere Legal assists many Dutch and Italian speaking clients in Spain.

For example, are you an Italian or South American citizen and want to settle in Spain? A lawyer from our firm can assist you in Italian or Spanish, and carry out all the formalities for you with the Spanish entities in the local language.

Are you a Dutch citizen and want to buy a property in Spain? We can advise you in Dutch and take care of your paperwork with the different real estate agencies to find the right property for you and then carry out all the legal procedures.

Our interest is always to cross borders and generate ties between the countries where we are present. If you are an American citizen, whether you are from the USA, Uruguay, Colombia, or Mexico, Gimbrere Legal can help you expand into European territory. From Barcelona, Gimbrere Legal has national coverage throughout Spain.

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