From Gimbrére Lawyers to Gimbrere Legal

On January 1, 1983, the law firm Gimbrère Advocaten was established in Breda. After setting up in Breda, Gimbrère Advocaten crossed national borders by opening an office in Barcelona in 2005. A few years later in 2011, the Amsterdam branch opened.

To strengthen the international character of the law firm, it was decided to change the trade name Gimbrère Advocaten to Gimbrere Legal. This also does more justice to the international nature of the law firm, which has also had an office in The Hague since 2021 and, since 2022, offices in Rome and Montevideo. We are proud to say that Gimbrere Legal is the first and only law firm in Uruguay (South America) with Dutch roots.

Originally a Dutch law firm, Gimbrere Legal has thus grown into an international law firm with six offices, five of which are in Europe (the Netherlands, Spain, Italy) and one in South America (Uruguay).

Gimbrere Legal assists both individuals and entrepreneurs. In doing so, result-oriented services are always provided, the lawyers are solution-oriented, involved and decisive when necessary. In doing so, they like to get things done, move quickly and think two steps ahead. As a law firm, Gimbrere Legal will never lose sight of the client’s interests. The client’s goal, is the goal that matters. At Gimbrere Legal, therefore, you actually feel seen and heard. The lawyers at Gimbrere Legal regularly assist clients who need a lawyer in Europe or South America.

Our multilingual team of attorneys and lawyers will always assist you in your own language. This multilingual team of lawyers and jurists will always assist you in your own language whether in Dutch, Spanish, Italian, English or Portuguese. This is the convenience and strength of Gimbrere Legal.

The Dutch lawyers of Gimbrere Legal are registered in the
NOvA register
and are all registered with the
Zeeland-West Brabant Bar Association
. Uruguayan lawyers are registered with the Supreme Court of Justice in Uruguay. Spanish lawyers are registered with the
Ilustre Colegio de los Abogado de Barcelona

Our Vision

By engaging with our clients in a timely manner, we believe that many legal problems can be avoided. Therefore, we believe that a good relationship with our clients is important, because just when you have a legal problem, it is important to have a good legal partner beside you, so that as a team we can go for the best result. Taking decisive action can make the difference in some cases. Of course in combination with the necessary knowledge, quality and creativity that the lawyers of Gimbrere Legal have in house.

Our Mission

The mission high on the list at Gimbrere Legal is “enjoyment. After all, having fun at work ultimately benefits the quality of our services. For this reason, we have our own theater in our office building in Breda. Law and culture come together here as various performances take place regularly. From inspirational pitch nights to cabaret or just social topics. All topics pass the review!

Core values

At Gimbrere Legal, we believe it is important to always take decisive action. With a young and fresh team, we can move quickly where competitors often need more time. With appropriate legal creativity, we will always act decisively in the best interest of your case.

The client’s interests are always paramount at Gimbrere Legal, and we will always be there for the client when they need legal help. After all, there is one interest for us, and that is your interest. Short lines between the client and the lawyer are therefore very important to us. With us, no distance between the lawyer and the client, but rather forming a team so that the best result can be achieved. To achieve this goal, speed in handling the case is often required.

Every issue is unique, which is why it is important to look at your case with an open mind. The attorneys at Gimbrere Legal will always look for the best solution so that the best result can be achieved for you. We advise on the various options so that the best results can be achieved. This could be a won proceeding, of course, but in some cases a settlement may yield a better result. For us, only one goal counts, and that is the goal the client wants to achieve.

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