Dutch law

Gimbrere Legal is a law firm founded in Breda, the Netherlands, in 1983. At the time, the office was still called Gimbrère Lawyers. After setting up in Breda, Gimbrère Advocaten crossed national borders by opening an office in Barcelona in 2005. A few years later in 2011, the Amsterdam branch opened. A branch in The Hague has also been opened since 2021, and branches in Rome and Montevideo have been added since 2022. To strengthen the international character of the law firm, it was decided to change the trade name Gimbrère Advocaten to Gimbrere Legal.

Over the years, we have formed a team of professionals in the areas of law in which we specialize.

At Gimbrere Legal, we always prioritize our clients’ goals and try to be as decisive and practical as possible.Our plus: we are a multilingual team and can advise you in your preferred language.

For example, are you a Dutch or foreigner and want to settle or do business in the Netherlands? A lawyer from our firm can assist you in your preferred language, analyze your options and conduct all proceedings before Dutch authorities in the local language.

Are you Dutch and want to buy a property in the Netherlands? Or do you need help with criminal proceedings or a family matter such as divorce? We can advise you and carry out your trajectory with the utmost commitment and responsibility.

Gimbrere Legal has specialized in issues of Dutch law since 1983. With offices in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague, Gimbrere Legal has national coverage in the Netherlands.

Gimbrere Legal’s Dutch team specializes in family law, employment law, inheritance law, corporate law, criminal law, administrative law, property law, tort law, intellectual property law, personal injury and international child abduction. Gimbrere Legal assists both individuals and entrepreneurs. In addition, services are always delivered focused on expected outcomes. The attorneys and lawyers are focused on getting the best results for our clients.

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