Injury law

Derecho de daños

Injury law

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Tort law plays a very important role in many areas of our society. With respect to civil liability, the question is whether the injured party can successfully recover compensation for the damages suffered. It is important to seek legal assistance from professionals who can advise you properly. The specialists of Gimbrere Legal can advise and defend you, both in the extrajudicial and judicial way, in order to claim the damages caused. In addition to the prevention of liability through contracts, they also take care of the proper management of the process finalized to the compensation of damages.

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Personal injury

Personal injury can be incurred in several ways: an accident is always a small risk. A common cause is a traffic accident. The victim may suffer physical or mental harm as a result. One can also think of personal injury as a result of a work-related accident or personal injury caused by a defective product. In order to compensate for personal injuries suffered, the injured party may request compensation for damages from the other party, provided that he is liable for them.

Personal damages may include costs such as:

  • Loss of income.
  • Medical expenses that are not reimbursed by the insurer.
  • Car and/or house adjustments.
  • Help in the home or in the maintenance of the house.
  • Injuries sustained.


Personal injuries can also be emotional or physical injuries. The amount of damages is not easy to calculate. Sometimes the damage is not visible, and therefore it is difficult to determine the amount of damage. Only when there is a clear final medical situation can the amount of the damage payment be determined. This is the case when the injury has healed or when it is no longer possible to improve the injury. injury

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