Child abduction

Child abduction

With the lawyers of Gimbrere Legal you are in a solid position, even when you are involved in an (international) child abduction. From our offices in Breda, Amsterdam, The Hague, Barcelona, Rome and Montevideo, our personal and family law lawyers support and advise clients facing child abductions both at home and abroad.

We speak of (international) child abduction when a child is taken to another country without permission or is retained there without permission. Child abduction usually involves one parent taking the child to another country without the consent of the other parent. In some cases, grandparents, relatives or other interested parties are also affected.

Gimbrere Legal ‘s family law attorneys have extensive experience in these matters and are well versed in the 1980 Hague Child Abduction Convention. Customers come from the Netherlands, but also from other countries. Thanks to years of experience in this field, our lawyers know exactly what steps to take. Experience and strategy are crucial to the outcome. As a law firm, we can refer to demonstrable results achieved and references are available at home and abroad. Gimbrere Legal also has an extensive network of lawyers and specialists in the Netherlands and abroad in the field of international child abduction, custody and visitation.

Want to know more about a (possible) child abduction? Our family law attorney Jack Schoenmakers handles many child abduction cases in our office. He is therefore the specialist in the field of (international) child abductions and works closely with our family law attorneys.

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