Uruguayan Law

Gimbrere Legal is a law firm founded in Breda, the Netherlands, in 1983. Over the years, we have formed a team of professionals in the areas of law in which we specialize. At Gimbrere Legal we always prioritize the objectives of our clients, trying to be as decisive and practical as possible.

Our plus: we are a multilingual team and can advise you in your preferred language.

Uruguay is an attractive country in South America to settle or invest. Our office in Uruguay can offer a solution not only for the stable Uruguayan economic market, but also as a hub for the rest of South America.

Gimbrere Legal has extensive experience in providing legal assistance to companies and individuals who need legal advice in Uruguay. This can be related to the purchase/sale of real estate in Uruguay, but also issues related to labor law, corporate law or contract law.

Gimbrere Legal’s clients come not only from Uruguay, but also from Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Somos is the first and only Dutch law firm in Uruguay. If you are considering doing business in Uruguay or if you want to buy real estate in Uruguay, let a lawyer from Gimbrere Legal assist you.

For example, are you a Uruguayan citizen or citizen and want to settle in Spain? A lawyer from our office can assist you and carry out all the procedures for you in front of the Spanish entities in the local language.

Are you a European citizen and want to buy a property in Uruguay? We can advise you in your language and carry out your process with the different real estate agencies or real estate agencies to find your right property and then carry out all the legal procedures. Many of our clients have already purchased a property in Uruguay under our guidance. Do you want to buy a property in Uruguay? Do you need legal advice with your company in any city of this country? Gimbrere Legal specializes in advising on the purchase/sale of Italian real estate, inheritance law and corporate law.

Our office is located in Montevideo, but our work is carried out throughout Italy. Our interest is always to cross borders and create ties between the countries where we are present. Contact us to evaluate your case!

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