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Amelia Raas

Amelia Raas

“Legal sense, driven and enthusiastic!”

Amelia Raas joined Gimbrere Legal in 2017 and she focuses on civil law issues. This includes both contract law cases, but liability law and personal injury are also among Amelia’s specialties.

Amelia is always closely involved with her clients and within the legal possibilities, she will always go for the maximum result.

In her free time, Amelia enjoys traveling, sports and socializing with friends.

As an attorney, Amelia Raas has been involved in the following proceedings:

Claiming compensation on behalf of a crime victim
A client of Amelia was a victim of a criminal offense. The suspect had forced him to hand over a Rolex watch and a sum of money. At the sentencing hearing, Amelia represented the client and claimed damages on his behalf.

Who is the owner?
As an attorney, Amelia has been involved in court proceedings over who owned used dies for the manufacture of fire reels. The Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal ruled in favor of Amelia’s client.


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