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Atefa Anwari

Atefa Anwari

Atefa Anwari brings with her a rich mix of experience, knowledge and passions. Born in Afghanistan, she put down roots in a land of challenges and beauty before moving to the Netherlands to earn her Master of Business Administration in The Hague.

Her professional journey began in Kabul, where she gained valuable work experience before broadening her horizons in the dynamic business world of the Netherlands. With her background in business and passion for languages, Atefa speaks five languages: English, Persian, Pashto, Hindi and Dutch. This versatility allows her to effectively communicate and make connections with diverse communities, both locally and internationally.

Outside of her professional life, Atefa Anwari is a passionate bon vivant. In her free time, she enjoys discovering new worlds through books, relaxing with various genres of music, and sharing delicious dishes she loves to prepare in the kitchen.

With an open mind and a heart guided by curiosity and empathy, Atefa strongly believes in the importance of continuous growth and sharing positive energy with others.

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