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Georgina Dell’acqua Stéffano

Georgina Dell’acqua Stéffano

Meet Georgina Dell’ Acqua Stéffano, accomplished lawyer at Gimbrere Legal in Barcelona, whose life and career embody the spirit of “Constantly looking for new challenges.” Georgina, with both Uruguayan and Italian citizenship, brings a diverse and international perspective to her legal practice.

Georgina’s academic journey took her to the University of the Republic in Montevideo, Uruguay, where she studied Corporate Law. Her commitment to advancing her knowledge led her to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Barcelona, Spain, with a focus on Public Policy and Social Issues. In 2014, Georgina was sworn in as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Justice in Uruguay, marking the beginning of her distinguished legal career.

With seven years of invaluable experience at a Legal 500 law firm in Uruguay, Georgina honed her expertise in consumer law, business law, and contract law. Her role extended beyond these areas, as she also served as an attorney for real estate purchases and family issues, showcasing her versatility and commitment to providing comprehensive legal services.
Georgina’s proactive approach to professional and personal development is evident in her constant pursuit of new challenges. She stays abreast of the latest developments in civil and consumer law by actively participating in courses and seminars, demonstrating her dedication to staying at the forefront of her field.

Having made Barcelona her home for several years, Georgina seamlessly works as a lawyer from the vibrant city. Her commitment to serving the legal needs of both Spanish and Uruguayan clients underscores her global perspective and dedication to providing tailored solutions. Working in between Barcelona office and Montevideo office, Georgina helps our client’s matters in both countries.

Outside the courtroom, Georgina’s zest for life is reflected in her love for travel, socializing with friends, and regular participation in sports. Her well-rounded approach to both professional and personal aspects of life makes Georgina Dell’ Acqua Stéffano a valuable and dynamic member of the Gimbrere Legal team. Her constant quest for new challenges aligns seamlessly with the firm’s commitment to excellence and growth in the legal profession.

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