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Marieke van der Ent

Marieke van der Ent

Meet Marieke van der Ent, our vibrant and dedicated juridisch secretaresse at Gimbrere Legal. Hailing from the charming city of Breda, Marieke brings a unique blend of professionalism and humor to the law firm.
In her role as a legal secretary, Marieke plays a crucial part in supporting the lawyers and attorneys at Gimbrere Legal. Drawing from her extensive experience in the retail industry, she has honed her ability to connect with people effortlessly. Her finely tuned interpersonal skills allow her to understand and resonate with clients, making them feel heard and supported.

Marieke’s infectious enthusiasm, coupled with her eagerness to learn, makes her a standout team member. Her sociable nature ensures a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the office, contributing to the overall success of the team. With a customer-focused approach and a meticulous eye for detail, Marieke goes above and beyond to ensure that the needs of the clients and the legal team are met with precision.

Beyond her professional commitments, Marieke values her time outside the office. She relishes dining and sharing drinks with friends, creating cherished moments that contribute to a well-balanced life. Marieke also enjoys taking vacations, embracing new experiences, and creating lasting memories. As a family-oriented individual, she extends her nurturing qualities to the team, treating them with the care and consideration of a supportive “team mother.”

With a philosophy that “it always seems impossible until it’s done,” Marieke brings a can-do attitude to every task she undertakes. Her positive spirit, combined with her dedication to both her professional and personal life, makes her an indispensable and beloved member of the Gimbrere Legal family.

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