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Mariona Ferrer Mora

Mariona Ferrer Mora

Introducing Mariona Ferrer Mora, lawyer at Gimbrere Legal, who brings a wealth of resolutions and diverse perspective to the Barcelona office. Originally from the picturesque Balearic Island of Menorca and now thriving in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Mariona’s career is a testament to the belief that “hard work pays off.”

Before joining Gimbrere Legal, Mariona made her mark in Brussels, Belgium, where she worked with a specialized Belgian law firm focused on bilateral law between Spain and Belgium. During this period, she honed her expertise in various areas of Private International Law, with a particular emphasis on international succession law, international family law, and real estate. Notably, Mariona earned a mention and specialization in criminal law, showcasing her commitment to a well-rounded legal practice.

Mariona’s academic journey was equally impressive. She gained invaluable experience as a legal assistant in the Social Courts of Barcelona, acquiring procedural expertise for litigation. Additionally, she contributed to the legal department of an international pharmaceutical company, focusing on corporate and business contract law. This diverse background equips Mariona with a broad mindset, allowing her to approach cases from multiple perspectives.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Mariona is a passionate cellist in a Barcelona orchestra, showcasing her love for music. In her leisure time, she finds solace in visiting her hometown Menorca, indulging in sports, and exploring new places. Mariona’s connection with the Balearic Islands extends beyond Menorca, as she is well-acquainted with Ibiza and Mallorca. This knowledge uniquely positions her to advise and assist clients in these regions.

Mariona Ferrer Mora’s commitment to excellence, paired with her multifaceted experiences and genuine passion for her work, make her an invaluable member of the Gimbrere Legal team. Her ability to navigate complex legal matters and offer comprehensive advice reflects not only her professional prowess but also her dedication to providing exceptional service to the firm’s clients.

Furthermore, the breadth of knowledge and specialization in areas such as real estate are fundamental pillars that make Gimbrere Legal stand out in the legal field. On the other hand, her work covers a wide range of legal areas, from civil and family law to criminal, inheritance, and especially Real Estate. We are here to make the process of buying a property in a country abroad as fluid and safe as possible.

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