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Robert de Pater

Robert de Pater

Robert de Pater, lawyer and the owner of Gimbrere Legal, approaches each case with unwavering commitment and dedication. With a deep understanding of the immense responsibility that comes with representing clients, Robert is deeply involved in their concerns, always striving for the optimal outcome.

Taking the helm of Gimbrere Advocaten | Abogados in 2017 and steering it into the rebranded Gimbrere Legal in 2022, Robert not only leads as a lawyer but also as an entrepreneur. His expertise lies in corporate law, specifically contract law, where he excels in thinking strategically and staying a step ahead in negotiations. Whether navigating corporate takeovers, corporate dissolutions, or resolving shareholder disputes, Robert’s acumen shines both in courtrooms and in the Enterprise Chamber. He did his master of law at Leiden university and the professional training for lawyers in the Dutch Bar Association.  

Renowned for his strategic thinking, Robert de Pater has become a sought-after sparring partner for company directors. His ability to deal with complex legal situations, including conflicts related to intellectual property, director liability in bankruptcy cases, and shareholder disputes, has earned him a stellar reputation in the legal community.

Frequently featured in the media for his involvement in high-profile cases, Robert has shared his expertise on various television programs, including BNN/VARA’s consumer program Kassa and RTL Late Night. His courtroom successes span a wide range of cases, showcasing his versatility as a lawyer.

Among the notable proceedings Robert has been involved in, his representation in a festival’s intellectual property rights dispute, director liability conflicts, and shareholder disputes in the Enterprise Chamber stand out. In each instance, Robert’s strategic thinking and legal prowess led to favorable outcomes for his clients.

From cases involving fraud and false invoices to complex situations like a wrongful baby switch in 1953, where he questioned hospital liability, Robert tackles each challenge with tenacity. He even represented a client accused of attempted manslaughter of a police officer, securing a nuanced outcome in the legal proceedings.

Robert de Pater’s career is marked by a tireless pursuit of justice and an entrepreneurial spirit that defines him not just as a lawyer but as a team leader at Gimbrere Legal. His dedication to achieving the best results for his clients, combined with his strategic thinking, solidifies his position as a prominent figure in corporate law.

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