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Robert de Pater

Robert de Pater

“I always bite into a case.”

As a lawyer, you have the important responsibility of representing your client’s interests, said Robert de Pater. Therefore, he is closely involved with his clients. As a result, Robert will always go for the best result. By thinking strategically with the director of a company, Robert is a popular sparring partner. Robert himself is also an entrepreneur since he became the owner of Gimbrere Advocaten | Abogados in 2017, the company that has continued under the name Gimbrere Legal since 2022.

Robert specializes in. corporate law, more specifically contract law. The secret to a good contract is to always think at least one step ahead. This is where Robert’s quality lies. Whether it is a corporate takeover, dissolution of a corporation or a shareholder dispute. Both in court and in the Enterprise Chamber, Robert knows his way around.

Regularly, Robert is featured in the media with high-profile cases. For example, Robert has been a guest as an expert on the BNN/VARA consumer program Kassa several times, as well as on RTL Late Night and other TV programs.

As an attorney, Robert de Pater has been involved in the following proceedings:

Abuse on a festival’s intellectual property rights

As a lawyer for a festival in Rotterdam, Robert has been involved in legal proceedings concerning the intellectual property rights to the festival’s logo.

Director liability in the event of bankruptcy

As an attorney, Robert successfully represented a company in a conflict with the trustee. Not only bankruptcy law, but also attachment law and contract law were discussed.

Shareholder conflict leading to director mismanagement, right?

As an attorney, Robert represented a director who had to appear before the Enterprise Chamber. The client was accused of committing mismanagement. The Enterprise Chamber ruled in favor of Robert’s client.

The Enterprise Chamber had to settle a family dispute between shareholders

Robert’s client had been evicted from his business via a devious trick. Signature research and scripture research were necessary to uncover the truth. After proceedings in the Enterprise Chamber, the matter was finally resolved to the company’s satisfaction.

Fraud by preparing false invoices

As an attorney, Robert was involved in a fraud case where the client was accused of preparing false invoices.

Grew up in the wrong family because of a baby change?

Robert’s client had been the victim of a “Baby Change” in 1953 that caused him to grow up in the wrong family for all those years. Could the hospital still be held liable after all these years? Several universities in the Netherlands have offered on this high-profile case and legal question.

Officer punished for shooting at car

Robert assisted a client suspected of attempted manslaughter of a police officer. The client had driven away from a check, after which the police officer emptied his entire magazine on the car. The officer involved in a shooting incident was sentenced to 150 hours of community service for attempted manslaughter. Robert’s client received a prison sentence of 128 days, including 110 days probation, for attempted aggravated assault.

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