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Yvonne van Mierlo

Yvonne van Mierlo

Yvonne van Mierlo, a dynamic lawyer at Gimbrere Legal. Yvonne’s journey in law is characterized by her enthusiasm, driven attitude, and a genuine commitment to understanding the intricacies of her clients’ challenges.

Yvonne’s academic foundation was laid at Tilburg University, where she studied Dutch Law. During her college years, she gained diverse experiences at several law firms, ranging from medium-sized to small, and covering a spectrum from criminal law to corporate law. After earning her master’s degree, Yvonne embarked on her legal career at Gimbrere Legal.

Known for her hardworking nature and readiness for legal challenges, Yvonne goes to great lengths for her clients. Her dedication and driven attitude make her a valuable asset in navigating complex legal matters.

Outside the realm of law, Yvonne finds joy in making time for friends, playing sports, and embracing the challenges of CrossFit for relaxation. In the wintertime, you’ll find her on the slopes, enjoying the thrill of snowboarding.

As a seasoned attorney, Yvonne has been involved in a variety of legal proceedings, showcasing her versatility and expertise. Notably, she played a crucial role in a high-profile libel and slander case, representing a rabbit sanctuary against false online accusations. Yvonne also handled cases related to employment disputes, defamation, and liability issues, demonstrating her ability to address diverse legal challenges.

Yvonne’s multilingual proficiency in Dutch, Spanish, and European law came into play in a libel and slander case involving Belgian individuals and a Spanish company. Her expertise extends to dissolution of employment contracts, navigating issues related to freedom of speech, and representing clients in disputes with moving companies.

Yvonne van Mierlo’s commitment to “Knowing what it’s really about,” combined with her legal acumen and diverse experiences, makes her an invaluable member of the Gimbrere Legal team. Her proactive approach to legal challenges ensures that clients receive comprehensive and effective representation, aligning seamlessly with the firm’s commitment to excellence in legal practice.

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