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Yvonne van Mierlo

Yvonne van Mierlo

“Knowing what it’s really about”

Yvonne van Mierlo studied Dutch Law at Tilburg University. During her college years, she gained experience at several law firms. From medium-sized to small, from criminal law to corporate law. After earning her master’s degree, she started her career in law at Gimbrere Legal.

Through her enthusiasm and driven attitude, she is ready for legal challenges. Yvonne is a hard worker and goes to great lengths for her clients.

Besides work, she likes to make time for her friends and to play sports. Crossfit provides her relaxation and in the wintertime she enjoys being on her snowboard on the slopes.

As a lawyer, Yvonne van Mierlo has been involved in the following proceedings:

In a high-profile libel and slander case, Yvonne, as a lawyer on behalf of a rabbit sanctuary, filed suit against several rabbit lovers.

This client was accused online of not taking good care of the rabbits, ripping off customers and not even giving the rabbits medical care. The court has ruled on how far freedom of speech extends. Some defendants should remove the unlawful statements and keep them removed. Mochten zij niet aan het vonnis voldoen, mag een dwangsom worden opgelegd.

Een non-actiefstelling en salarisbetalingen vanaf 2017 maar geen arbeidsovereenkomst?

In this case, Yvonne represented as an attorney the spouse of a director who was placed on suspension from 2017 due to a family dispute. Then, in July 2021, notice was received that there would be no employment contract and that salary payments would cease immediately.

Omstandigheden waardoor toegewezen dwangsommen toch niet ten uitvoer mogen worden gelegd

In a long-running dispute between the parties, Yvonne, as an attorney, successfully sought a stay of execution of an earlier judgment. Indeed, Yvonne’s client believed that the periodic penalty payments were illegally imposed to unreasonable levels.
Yvonne’s Dutch client is involved in libel and slander proceedings by Belgian individuals and a Spanish company. Not only Dutch law, but also European law and Spanish law come into play in this case.
As a lawyer, Yvonne has been involved in proceedings in which the client was accused of libel and slander. The Court of Appeals held that freedom of speech does not go so far as to allow criminal connotations to be used.
As a lawyer, Yvonne assisted a company in the dissolution of an employment contract on the grounds of a disrupted employment relationship
As an attorney, Yvonne has successfully represented a client in a dispute with an engaged moving company. During the move, damage occurred to belongings and the home, even though the moving company indicated that damage was obvious for such an amount.

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