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2023, New year and new goals for Gimbrere Legal

2023, New year and new goals for Gimbrere Legal

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and think about what you’re doing, a retrospective about what you did in the past and to set goals for the current new year. Those moments are important for everybody, but I would love to inform you about the plans of Gimbrere Legal. 

We are a big team of lawyers, secretaries, jurists and specialists with offices in 4 countries, 2 of these in new locations, Uruguay and Italy. A big portfolio of brands and people that trust us as their lawyer, general managers of their companies, people that want to start a life in a new country and they need help to settle down, or to create new business and more.

We often ask our customers; “What do you actually want to achieve with this case?“. We have asked ourselves this question too. Of Course we don’t have to explain that we want to offer the best legal services to our clients. But we also want to continue to grow as a brand and that happened last year with two new branches. We have noticed that there is a great need for lawyers who think beyond borders.

That’s the reason why we changed our trade name, after 40 years of “loyal service”, from Gimbrere Advocaten to Gimbrere Legal. A new name and brand that suits a team of international experienced lawyers. We are in constant growth, expanding the team and the locations. Going beyond borders. That’s our mission.

As CEO of Gimbrere Legal my goal is to continue offering the best services, with a great team of motivated people that takes each case of our customers with a high level of commitment and responsibility, to achieve the best possible result and also to continue developing Gimbrere Legal as a brand with new technologies, new ways of communication and a new image.  That’s why we have our new web page and new profiles on social media. Have you already seen our Instagram?
Our goal is to continue develop Gimbrere Legal as a brand in the coming year. So keep a close eye on our monthly newsletter and the socials. Each month we send our communication to your email with articles, recipes, curious tips and guides about a different city where Gimbrere Legal is present. We have our active Instagram profile where you can see our reels, videos and posts. Please follow us @theworldofgimbrere if you like to find out more about the countries we are present in. Don’t be afraid that we will flood you with legal texts, because we want to show you what kind of beauty these countries have to offer. Our world, the world of Gimbrere. Also you can find us on Spotify, where we have our playlists readys for you to get into the mood of each city and country type of music.
A quick preview for the new year; after 15 years we will leave the monumental building at Baronielaan 1 in Breda to a new location that is going to fit better with the new look and feel of our brand. Soon we will announce our new location, so keep an eye on our social media.Step by step, the new Gimbrere Legal is taking shape. A young dynamic law firm with international coverage. We are just proud of that!
Robert De Pater
CEO / Lawyer

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