From Gimbrére advocaten to Gimbrere Legal

News and current events of our law firm.

For the past 40 years you have known our firm under the name Gimbrere (International) Advocaten. With our lustrum year in sight, we note that the firm is ready for the next step.

Without realizing it, law is all around us and is deeply involved in our daily lives. Whether it’s buying a new car or running an errand at the supermarket. Despite the fact that we perform legal acts throughout the day, dealing with the law or the legal profession is often experienced as unpleasant.

We want to change this. We believe that our clients should not have a single negative feeling when dealing with the law. Under the Gimbrere Legal brand we will combine law with culture and lifestyle. Expect interesting events from us, but we will also provide more information about other cultures and travel.

Feel welcome to take a look at the matters that Gimbrere Legal attorneys also deal with in everyday life. In the meantime, we remain a law firm and will continue to provide you with the knowledge and quality you have come to expect from us.

Gimbrere is already known for providing legal advice in the Netherlands and Spain, but we believe that dreams have to be pursued. One of our dreams was to open an office in the Eternal City; Rome. And so it was. Since September, Gimbrere Legal has opened an office in the center of Rome, within walking distance of the Spanish Steps.

From our office in Rome, we will mainly assist Dutch and Spanish nationals who have a legal matter in Italy.

This may be for the purchase of a home, but also for contractual disputes to be resolved. Gimbrere would not be Gimbrere if we left it at that. As icing on the cake, we can proudly say that Gimbrere Legal has also opened a new office in Montevideo (Uruguay).

This is our first international office outside of Europe. We are secretly proud to be the first Dutch law firm in Uruguay. You may ask “why Uruguay?”. Uruguay is one of the most stable countries in South America, both economically and politically.

This makes Uruguay not only an interesting country to invest in, but also, in terms of exports, Uruguay is a very dynamic country. Both the Netherlands and Spain are in the top 10 exporting countries. In addition, Barcelona is the second city in the world where most Uruguayans live outside of Uruguay. In short, living the dream!

What started as a Dutch office in Noord-Brabant, Breda, has grown into an intercontinental law firm with offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Uruguay. Of course, this also includes a new website and a new newsletter. Once a month you will receive a newsletter from us, in which we take you on a cultural and legal trip to another country. This time, Uruguay is the protagonist.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Robert De Pater


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