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Effective (International) Debt Collection: Gimbrere Legal Lawyers at Your Side

Effective (International) Debt Collection: Gimbrere Legal Lawyers at Your Side

In the dynamic world of cross-border trade and international relations, collecting outstanding debts is a challenge that both entrepreneurs and individuals face. Here at Gimbrere Legal, we understand that (international) debt collection can be a complex process, where knowledge of various legal systems and cultural nuances is essential for successful results. With offices in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Uruguay, we are dedicated to providing specialized legal support for (international) debt collection cases. Find out why we are the preferred choice for those seeking a reliable partner in (international) debt collection work.

About Gimbrere Legal Attorneys at Law

Gimbrere Legal is a leading law firm with multiple offices worldwide, including the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Uruguay. Our expertise extends beyond national borders, enabling us to collect claims (national or international) with a deep understanding of various legal and cultural contexts. Our focus is on providing customized solutions for debt collection cases, carefully analyzing and addressing the unique circumstances of each case.

Lawyers versus Collection Agencies

Although many are tempted to turn to a collection agency for help with outstanding debts, it is important to understand the difference between collection agencies and law firms. A collection agency can be established without the need for specific training, so the quality and depth of legal expertise may vary. On the other hand, using the title “lawyer” requires an extensive university education followed by specialization training as a lawyer. At Gimbrere Legal, all of our lawyers have these required qualifications and are specially trained and specialized in debt collection work, including (international) debt collection.

Why Choose Gimbrere Legal Attorneys at Law?

Collecting outstanding debts is a task that requires precision, depth and experience. At Gimbrere Legal, we understand that debt collection work is customized and that no two cases are the same. Our lawyers are equipped with the necessary knowledge to successfully handle international debt collection cases, even in situations considered complex or non-standard. We believe in providing clarity to our customers, which is why we always agree on prices in advance so you know exactly what the cost will be.

The Role of a Bailiff and the Power of Lawyers

A common misconception is that a bailiff can be used directly for collection work. In reality, a bailiff can be involved only after a judge has issued a judgment. To obtain a judgment, the intervention of an attorney is necessary. This is where Gimbrere Legal’s expertise comes to the fore once again. Our attorneys are experienced in guiding cases from inception to obtaining a judgment, if necessary, making the entire process run smoothly.


Gimbrere Legal is your reliable partner in the collection of national or international claims. Our deep expertise, global presence and commitment to customization enable us to achieve positive results even in complex and non-standard debt collection cases. We understand that clarity is important, which is why we always agree on prices in advance so you know exactly where you stand. Choose Gimbrere Legal for a professional, customized approach to international debt collection work. Together, we strive for successful results no matter where your business leads you.

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