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Gimbrere Legal – Family Law Netherlands Spain

Gimbrere Legal – Family Law Netherlands Spain

Attorney Jack Schoenmakers has specialized in international family law and international child abduction for many years. That presents many challenges. I find and maintain balance as a person in hobbies such as sports, reading, the Zeeland coast and short vacations. Spain is my vacation country. As a lawyer in the Netherlands, I regularly work with our Spanish colleagues in Barcelona.

Because our offices are located in Spain and the Netherlands, we regularly assist clients in cross-border matters. As a lawyer in the Netherlands, I can switch quickly with Spain in such cases, consult with Spanish colleagues and regularly take up a case together. As a lawyer, I am also regularly in Barcelona myself to manage cases from Spain or consult with clients there, again together with our Spanish colleagues.

These then include cases involving divorce, custody, access and International Child Abduction. When it comes to child abduction, we at Gimbrere Legal assist clients from all over the world. With great regularity, we then handle cases here in the Netherlands for parents from Spain or South America. You can always call Gimbrere Legal for a no-obligation consultation.

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