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Meet our team – Jack Schoenmakers

Meet our team – Jack Schoenmakers

Every month we tell you a little more about our team. On this occasion we are proud to introduce Jack Schoenmakers, our child abduction specialist lawyer.

My name is Jack Schoenmakers. I have been part of the Gimbrere Legal team since a long time ago. I grew up in Breda, a beautiful city of The Netherlands and have been a lawyer for many years. For the past 10 years I have mainly been involved in International Family Law and International Child Abduction. That’s my strong point. I act as a lawyer for clients at home and abroad.


This international practice requires a lot of attention, focus and energy. In particular, handling international child abduction cases makes the life of a lawyer hectic. In particular, clients from home and abroad demand attention all day long. However, I have an extensive network at home and abroad to go for maximum results in every case.


Clients often entrust their most precious asset, their children, to me. This is my experience in international family matters. That also creates healthy pressure and unprecedented commitment.


I try to create a hobby’s balance. It’s necessary to have a good work-life balance. Despite working hard, there is also room for relaxation and hobbies. For me, that is the only way to make sure that the balance remains “balanced”. For me, that means sports and reading. In particular, I am active with jogging, tennis and padel but I also swim several times a week. That keeps me fit. Even when I travel, I always try to have a balanced routine when I can find time for trying local food, looking for cultural places and more. Reading thrillers completes relaxation.


Working at Gimbrere Legal Breda is very satisfying. I work with an enthusiastic team that also works internationally. I have a strong connection with Gimbrere Legal office in Barcelona and in this way it is possible to work for clients from Spanish speaking countries. Because Gimbrere Legal works from several locations, it is also possible to work from Amsterdam or Barcelona, for example.


Gimbrere legal is active nationally and internationally in several fields of law. Gimbrere also has the necessary contacts at home and abroad to achieve the maximum result for clients. In addition, Gimbrere Legal devotes a great deal of personal attention to the client. That’s our strength as a team.


My challenge and expectations for this new year is to become better in the Spanish language and to that end I will be taking an intensive course in 2023. I also hope to be able to work regularly from Gimbrere Legal Barcelona office in the coming year and further expand my network in Spain. In addition, the team of Gimbrere Legal is expected to be expanded, which will make working within this organization even more attractive.

I will be pleased to help you with your case, from the responsibility and commitment that Gimbrere Legal and the members of the firm offer.

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