Q&A with Sander and Nick, the young entrepreneurs of 12mate.nl

We are Sander and Nick, the owners of 12Mate and good friends since childhood. We grew up together in the same town and have two great passions in common, soccer and yerba mate! To be honest, we don’t play soccer at a very high level. That is no longer the most important thing for us. We continue to enjoy the game, as well as the mate!

How did they discover mate?

We learned about the product through a mutual friend who had a number of teammates who drank yerba mate. We also find ourselves spending more and more time on social networks, following, for example, footballers such as Messi and Suarez. This made us more and more curious about the product and its effects. We really expected that when we tasted mate for the first time, the flavor would be incredible, but to tell the truth, we had to get used to the taste and the way it was prepared. However, this did not last long, as we instantly loved it and could not live without it.

For almost three years now, not a day goes by that we don’t drink yerba mate or talk about it with friends. We are becoming more and more interested in the product and discovering the health benefits of mate. This gave us a clear objective: to let as many people as possible experience the power of yerba mate!

How did you start a business with mate?

The first time we drank yerba mate, we really didn’t know where to start.

We had many questions, such as what flavor suits us and what is the best way to prepare yerba mate.

The best way to prepare it? We had the feeling that we could not get the answers to our questions through the current web stores. That is why we decided to create our own website to represent the benefits of yerba mate in the Netherlands.

Step-by-step guide to prepare a mate

If you want to drink yerba mate in the traditional way, you need a series of attributes and go through a series of steps. We explain it all to you!

What do you need?

– Yerba: Of course you need the real tea leaves. They come in many shapes and sizes. Some have a thick cut and others are very thin. The leaves can be smoked, which gives them a bitter taste. But they can also be unsmoked, which gives a more herbaceous flavor.

– Mate: is the cup in which the leaves are placed. There are many types of cups. Traditional mugs are made from a hollow gourd, but are also made from stainless steel, wood or glass.

– Bombilla: a special straw that prevents the leaves from being drunk, as there is a special filter at the end.

– Termo: when drinking yerba mate, small amounts of water are constantly poured into your mate. In order to always have water at the right temperature, it is practical to use a thermos flask.

How to prepare a perfect mate?

Step 1: Heat the water to about 60 – 70 degrees. This does not have to be very precise. Not everyone drinks their mate at the same temperature, just whatever is most comfortable for them. However, we recommend that you do not use water that is too hot, as there is a risk of burning the leaves.

Step 2: Fill the mate with 2/3 of yerba mate. We usually hear: “This is too much, isn’t it?

It is true that it is a lot, but that is precisely the intention. The cup is not filled only once. It would be a real shame. Each time the cup is emptied, it is simply refilled with water from the thermos. You can repeat this as often as you like. You can drink three cups of mate in the morning, put the mate away for a while, and continue drinking from the same cup again around 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Step 3: Make sure the tea leaves are on one side of the cup by tilting slightly. Pour a little cold water into the opening and allow it to be absorbed by the leaves.

Step 4: As you have made sure that the weed is on one side, an opening has been created. This is where you insert the bulb. Then you can fill the mate with hot water. Golden tip: Do not stir the bulb, otherwise you might get some leaves while drinking.

Step 5: If the cup is empty, pour in more water. Cheers!

Would you like to see a video of these steps? Then take a look at the 12mate.nl website. Talks about yerba – benefits – and general information.

Yerba mate is very popular in many South American countries, such as Argentina and Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil. In these countries, mate is even considered the number one drink of the people. This is because it has been drunk there for hundreds of years. In the streets, people are often seen walking around with their mate kits, and at birthdays it is normal for the host to hand out the drink to his guests. In addition to its cultural value, yerba mate also has many health benefits.

*Provides energy:

The yerba mate plant contains high levels of caffeine. More or less as in coffee.

While an excess of coffee can cause a feeling of nervousness and the well-known “coffee-dip”, many people say that this is not the case with yerba mate. This is because, in addition to caffeine, mate contains the substances theobromine and theophylline. These substances guarantee a feeling of relaxation and stimulate our nervous system. Theobromine is also found in chocolate, for example, and ensures a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Theophylline is a compound that is also found in tea and provides an increase in mental energy. The absorption of caffeine in the body is also more gradual with tea than with coffee, thus avoiding that irritating caffeine crash. yerba mate combines the good qualities of coffee and tea.

*Strengthens your immune system:

This drink is rich in antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and. protect against many chronic diseases. For example, it contains a lot of vitamins C and E. These two vitamins ensure the support of its natural resistance. They are antioxidants that protect the body against free radicals (aggressive substances that are harmful to our organism). In addition, mate also contains B vitamins, which have many functions for our organism, and among others, stimulate our nervous system and increase our concentration.

*Yerba mate helps to lose weight:

Since yerba mate contains caffeine, your metabolism is accelerated and, therefore, you will burn body fat faster. When you drink yerba mate on a regular basis, it can boost your metabolism. In addition, the numerous antioxidants and minerals support the detoxification of the body through their diuretic and purifying effect. The feeling of “satiety” after drinking mate is perhaps the characteristic that contributes most to weight loss.

*Improve your physical and mental health:

Not surprisingly, many renowned athletes regularly drink yerba mate and for many it is the number one beverage.

Yerba mate ensures, for example, that lactic acid does not build up in the muscles, so you don’t get tired as quickly. In addition, the substances theobromine and theophylline make oxygen more easily absorbed into the blood. In addition to caffeine, theobromine also has a stimulating effect on both body and mind. We do sports regularly and always drink our mate in advance. This keeps our energy levels high.


We hope you have a better image of yerba mate! Curious about what this beverage could mean for you or your company? Then do not hesitate to contact us:



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Sander and Nick.

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