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Real Estate market in Spain

Real Estate market in Spain

My name is Maria Larsson, I am the founder and CEO of Larsson Estate, a boutique real estate agency in Barcelona and Mallorca, with roots in Scandinavia. We offer a selection of carefully selected houses and apartments. Whether you are looking to buy an apartment in Barcelona or Mallorca, sell your property or look for a return on investment, our real estate agents make sure to find the best option for the client.

I have been operating as a real estate agent in Barcelona for the last 10 years. I am a graduated economist with experience in the Swedish banking sector.

Currently, I see a stable real estate market in Barcelona. But of course, the market here is reacting to rising interest rates, as well as the instability in the macroeconomic world. But unlike many othersEuropean markets, the Barcelona real estate market did not increase in value at full speed (as, for example, in Paris and London) during COVID. Therefore, I see less risk of it falling sharply, although I do think a pullback in price is expected in the next 6 months.

Barcelona has a unique geographical position, it is a metropolitan city located right next to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. We have city life, beach and skiing, all within a 1.5 hour drive. It is unique and will always be desirable. Barcelona also has an interesting rental market. Furthermore, it is a young city for international shopping if we compare it with other European metropolitan cities, compared to which prices are still very attractive.

We are operative in Barcelona and Mallorca. The client profile is different between the two sites, but the demand is very similar. Our typical client is a foreigner and is looking for a residence for himself. It is true that many of our clients rent their properties when they are not using them, but the first objective of their purchases is to use them as their first or second residence and enjoy Mediterranean life.

The characteristics of properties that our clients are looking at are variable, from beautiful houses in the countryside, cool apartments in the centers of Barcelona and Palma, impressive apartments next to international schools in Barcelona to houses by the sea in Mallorca. It depends on each client and there is not only one type of property. What is certain is that most want renovated properties, so that the client can enter and start enjoying their home directly without worrying about reforms.

When a client arrives at our offices, we first talk about the purpose of their purchase, how the client wants to live, who they want to be close to, etc. We inform about the different neighborhoods and the type of property that is typical for each neighborhood.

In addition, we inform each client of the process of purchase, information about the different steps of a purchase and our recommendations to make a safe purchase, since the property purchase process is usually a bit cumbersome and there are many procedures that you have to be aware of and take into account!

If you are thinking of buying a property, you must take into account all the legal aspects in which you will need professional help. Contact us so we can assist you. There are already many clients who have bought a property with the Gimbrere Legal guidelines.


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