Administrative Law

Administrative Law

When faced with a governmental or administrative decision with which you do not agree, it is important to be aware of the different administrative procedures to appeal and try to reverse the decision. Gimbrere Legal’s administrative law team is prepared to assist you in this procedure. We can assist you in the following matters in the area of administrative law:

  • Territorial planning.
  • Responsibility of the Administration.
  • Permits.
  • Penalties and fines.
  • Licensing / Closing of premises.
  • Benefit decisions.
  • Among others.


Our team seeks to adopt a practical approach against the decision of the administrative body. Considering also that has many points of contact with other fields of law, such as criminal law, criminal law criminal law y labor law.

Our administrative law attorneys at Gimbrere Legal have extensive experience in advising, managing and litigating administrative law matters.

Contact us to assist you in matters related to administrative law whether in the Netherlands, Spain, Uruguay, Italy or internationally.


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