Inheritance law

Inheritance law

Inheritance law is becoming increasingly complex and nowadays, as there are more compound families and more official and unofficial forms of cohabitation. In addition, there is increasing internationalization with the result that heirs are more frequently faced with a foreign will.

Inheritances, estates and wills

Inheritances and bequests are often accompanied by disagreements or conflicts that can escalate. Lawyers remain indispensable in the management of an inheritance dispute. The assistance of an experienced probate attorney can help prevent escalation and resolve disputes.

There can be family disagreements when it comes to executing a will and settling an estate. Or maybe you want to know when you can claim your legal share? You want to claim your child’s share, what about the division of inheritance after the death of a family member? Is there a dispute or, worse, a fight within the family over the inheritance? What really happens if no will has been drawn up?

Gimbrere Legal has an international law firm, specialized in inheritance, trusts and inheritance law. We advise our clients in order to carry out all the corresponding procedures.

We can help you for example if you have to settle an inheritance abroad, manage bank accounts abroad, and manage all kind of necessary documentation. Gimbrere Legal advises its clients to avoid problems in the future in all matters related to inheritance law.

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