Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law

When you think of real estate, you may not immediately think of a lawyer. However, a real estate lawyer is there to advise you on all aspects of real estate.

Real estate law is a very broad area and has many interfaces with public and private law.

The moment you rent a property, you automatically have to deal with the leasing law. You will also have to take care of this when renting a house, a store or a hotel. Need help with a lease or property maintenance? Do you want to know how subleasing and co-leasing works? Or have you received a letter telling you that you have to leave your property?

A construction or renovation process usually involves many different parties. Therefore, it is very important to reach solid agreements prior to this process. However, if problems arise, it is advisable to hire a lawyer specialized in real estate law to safeguard your rights.

In short, real estate law covers everything related to the (re)construction, (re)development, operation and management of real estate.

The lawyers at Gimbrere Legal specialize in real estate law and work closely with our specialists in labor and business law.

We are specialists in real estate transactions for the purchase and sale of properties for housing or commercial purposes. We will assist you in the complete process of acquiring a property. We can also advise on real estate investments. Please contact us so we can help you.

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