Real Estate Law

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Real Estate Law

When dealing with real estate, it is important to take into account the proper legal advice. A lawyer specialized in real estate law is available to provide guidance on all aspects of real estate.

Real estate law covers a wide range of areas and has connections to both public and private law. From leasing law to rental agreements, property maintenance, subletting and co-tenancy, a real estate attorney can help you understand the legal complexities involved. If you have received an eviction notice or need to resolve property disputes, having a real estate lawyer is essential to protect your rights and interests.

In the field of construction and renovation, it is essential to establish solid agreements with all parties involved before starting the process. However, in case problems or disputes arise, having an experienced real estate lawyer is highly recommended to safeguard your interests and seek effective solutions.

In short, real estate law covers all aspects related to the (re)construction, (re)development, exploitation and management of real estate.

At Gimbrere Legal, our lawyers specialized in real estate law work in close collaboration with our experts in labor and business law. We specialize in real estate transactions, including the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties. Our team will advise you throughout the entire process of acquiring a property and can also provide advice on real estate investments.

If you are looking for solid legal support in real estate matters, do not hesitate to contact us. At Gimbrere Legal, we are committed to provide you with a professional and personalized service to satisfy all your legal needs in the field of real estate law.


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