Real Estate in Spain

Derecho inmobiliario

Real Estate in Spain

Looking for a property in Spain? Living in Spain offers many other advantages besides sun, sea, mountains, culture and beautiful nature. A super cosmopolitan country where there is always something going on and full of people. When you decide to live in Spain, you need to be aware of certain administrative formalities.

For example, what about taxes, property law and the Spanish Lease Law? Is there a Spanish Land Registry and what rights do tenants and landlords have?

At Gimbrere Legal Barcelona, we have a team specialized in real estate processes. Whether in Barcelona or throughout Spain.

We can also help you with leasing processes, contract review, property review and contract clauses.

If you are a foreigner, we can assist you in your preferred language and carry out the procedures on your behalf. This is also Gimbrere Legal’s plus.

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