Il Matrimonio Italiano

In this article you will get to know Leontine Lauffer, an inspiring dutch wedding planner who followed her family to a new country and started a new life. With her company “il matrimonio Italiano” Leontine spreads a piece of Italian love.

Leontine Lauffer was born in Amsterdam, raised in Holland and studied in Belgium. She worked and traveled around the world before she worked for KLM company. Since Leontine – a Dutch woman – is married to an Italian man, she knows better than anyone what it is like to have a marriage with different cultures. Leontine fully mastered the Italian language and culture, after which she started working as an entrepreneur in Italy. Now with her business, she helps couples to have the time of their lives with an Italian wedding.

Her 15 year career as a former KLM business class attendant was a joyful time and when her second child was born while she was living in Italy, she decided to start working for herself and she started: il matrimonio Italiano, her project as a wedding planner, based in Italy. Léontine says that is the best move she ever did. And she is doing what she loves most: planning and styling the best wedding days in Italy for couples from all over the world.

She moved to Italy because her husband was transferred there. It was a choice of love, because she loved Holland but she preferred her husband. She was feeling great with her new life in this new country so she felt that it was time for doing her own business following the passion she always had for organizing weddings. She started and things went easy starting up. A feeling of “meant to be”. She is surrounded by happy people that want to have the best times of their life’s with friends and family. It’s a happy weekend full of love. Also her vendors became her friends and together they plan and organize the best party for the couples.


For Leontine, Italians are kind and generous people and they are so helpful for anything you want to do. They are curious about doing new things.

At this moment Leontine organizes weddings especially for Dutch couples and high – end weddings.

This was always her goal since she started in 2009. Leontine is the head wedding planner and first contact with new customers,  as she really wants to keep it personal. She prefers to be close to her clients, it is very much a trust issue. She wants them to be close to understand their dream and make it come true.Leontine has more than 30 people working with her. Assistants and floral designers , light designers, sound technicians, builders, singers etc. 

If you want to know more about Italian weddings, check Leontine website

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