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Bram de Groen

Bram de Groen

Meet Bram de Groen, whose professional ethos revolves around “Working with the client to get results. Bram’s trajectory in law is characterized by academic excellence, diverse work experiences and a commitment to pragmatic solutions in criminal justice.

Bram’s passion for the legal profession was expressed early on when he interned in a criminal law practice, where he gained practical insights into the intricacies of the field. He later switched to a job as a legal professional, specializing in real estate law within government agencies.

Bram’s professional approach is characterized by his pragmatic attitude, stress-resistant work ethic and goal orientation. These qualities form the basis of his work in criminal law, where his contact with people and result orientation stand out.

Outside the legal realm, Bram’s enthusiasm for soccer is central to his free time. Whether on the field or in the hall, as long as the ball is rolling, Bram is in his element.

A seasoned attorney, Bram de Groen has been involved in various legal proceedings, demonstrating his skill in criminal law:

  • Exoneration the laser pen case, in which both clients were acquitted of glaring at an Apache helicopter;
  • Successful appeal of emergency defense in case in which his client was suspected of attempted manslaughter by striking someone’s head with an axe;
  • Handling cases related to possession and trafficking of soft and hard drugs;
  • Addressing adulteration and withholding proper veterinary care for turtles;
  • Acquitted in attempted murder case, in which his client was a suspect for willfully trying to run down the victim;
  • Successfully representing clients in cases involving money laundering, aggravated assault, intentional money laundering, stalking, defamation, insult and trafficking in firearms.

Bram’s track record demonstrates his effectiveness in navigating complex legal scenarios, achieving favorable results for his clients and making substantial contributions to criminal justice.

Bram de Groen’s dedication to working closely with clients, combined with his versatile legal expertise and commitment to getting results, makes him a valuable member of the Gimbrere Legal team. His pragmatic approach and goal-oriented mindset align perfectly with the ethos of excellence in the firm’s criminal legal practice.

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