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Daphne Hendriks

Daphne Hendriks

“Winning a complex procedure is the greatest thing there is”


Daphne Hendriks has been an attorney since 2007 and she has developed into a true trial lawyer. Daphne is a specialist in corporate law, liability law and personal injury. Although Daphne is an advocate for reaching a practical solution outside the courtroom, she is a litigator at heart. Daphne Hendriks has a great love of procedural law and she bites her tongue into every case. Consequently, Daphne regularly engages in complex litigation.

That you have to be knowledgeable and have integrity is something Daphne takes for granted. As a lawyer, Daphne says you have to stay highly visible to your clients, be client-friendly and deliver quality. In doing so, she works solution-oriented and possesses good analytical skills.

In her private life, Daphne especially enjoys traveling, socializing with friends and listening to music.

As an attorney, Daphne Hendriks has been involved in the following proceedings:

Civil law; Final judgment after evidence. Evidence presented, judgment of first instance set aside and buyer’s claims granted.

Civil law; Buying a boat. Defects in rudder stocks and propeller shaft seals. Reliance on nonconformity and mistake. A (shipping) broker was involved on the seller’s behalf when the sale was made. Buyer’s duty to investigate and seller’s duty to disclose. Buyer receives evidence order regarding a communication allegedly made during the purchase by the broker on behalf of the seller, as the seller disputes that this communication was made.
Contract Law, As an insured person, are you entitled to reimbursement for a lower body lift/abdominoplasty? In these proceedings, Daphne was vindicated and her client was thus reimbursed for the entire treatment.
Contract law; explanation agreement cooperation web store.
Contract law; Money loan? Contractual interest? Statutory commercial interest?

Corporate law: KG; div. receivables related to termination of audit partnership.

Civil law; summary judgment, destination of ashes after cremation

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