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Daphne Hendriks

Daphne Hendriks

Meet Daphne Hendriks, accomplished attorney since 2007, who has evolved into a true trial lawyer with a passion for “Winning a complex procedure is the greatest thing there is.” Daphne specializes in corporate law, liability law, and personal injury, demonstrating her expertise in navigating complex legal scenarios.

While Daphne advocates for practical solutions outside the courtroom, her heart lies in litigation. With a deep love for procedural law, she eagerly takes on every case, often engaging in complex litigation to ensure justice for her clients. Daphne’s commitment to being knowledgeable and maintaining integrity is unwavering, and she considers these qualities fundamental to her role as a lawyer.

In the legal arena, Daphne emphasizes the importance of staying highly visible to clients, being client-friendly, and delivering quality. Her solution-oriented approach and strong analytical skills set her apart, allowing her to effectively represent her clients’ interests. Outside the legal realm, Daphne finds joy in traveling, socializing with friends, and indulging in her love for music. This well-rounded approach to life reflects her vibrant and dynamic personality.

Daphne’s legal prowess is evident in her involvement in various proceedings:

Civil law: Final judgment after evidence, setting aside the judgment of the first instance, and granting buyer’s claims in a case involving defects in a boat.

Contract law: Successfully handling cases related to the explanation of an agreement on cooperation in a web store and reimbursement for a lower body lift/abdominoplasty as an insured person.

Corporate law: Handling summary judgment proceedings related to the termination of an audit partnership.

Civil law: Addressing issues related to the destination of ashes after cremation through summary judgment.

Daphne Hendriks’s dedication to achieving favorable outcomes in complex legal procedures, combined with her commitment to client satisfaction, makes her an invaluable member of the Gimbrere Legal team. Her passion for litigation, coupled with a client-focused and solution-oriented approach, aligns seamlessly with the firm’s ethos of excellence in legal practice.

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