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Filomena Milano

Filomena Milano

Filomena Milano

Meet Filomena Milano, internationally qualified team member with a global perspective and a leading lawyer of dual Italian and American nationality, who uses her unique international background and extensive legal expertise to serve clients worldwide. Her academic journey has taken her to leading universities in Barcelona, Rome and New York, where she laid a solid foundation for her successful career in the legal world.

Filomena’s pursuit of legal excellence began at the Universitat de Barcelona, where she took her first steps into the world of law. She then continued her education at the Universita’ LUISS Guido Carli in Rome, where she gained in-depth knowledge of the Italian legal system. Her international perspective was further developed during her studies at Fordham University in New York, which gave her insight into the complex legal issues arising in the United States.

Filomena has been registered as a lawyer with the ICAB since 2010. Her registration demonstrates her continued commitment to professional development and adherence to the highest ethical standards in legal practice. As a recognized member of this prestigious organization, Filomena stays abreast of the latest developments in the legal world and strives to provide her clients with the best possible legal assistance.

With an extensive background that crosses the boundaries of national jurisdictions, Filomena Milano brings a unique international perspective to our law firm. Her ability to navigate various legal systems enables her to effectively advise and act for clients with diverse legal needs. Whether it concerns cross-border transactions, international disputes or advice on international corporate law, Filomena is ready to guide her clients with insight and expertise.

Filomena Milano represents the essence of our law firm, where commitment to excellence and a global perspective come together. Her impressive academic background, combined with her professional certification and international experience, makes her a valuable asset to our team. If you are looking for legal advice with a global touch, you can rely on the expertise of Filomena Milano and Gimbrere Legal.

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