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Sascha van Zundert

Sascha van Zundert

Sascha van Zundert is an integral part of the Gimbrere Legal team, contributing her skills and expertise to the firm’s operations. Born and raised in Breda, Sascha’s roots are deeply embedded in the community where she found her passion for the legal field. After successfully completing her legal administrative services degree, she embarked on a professional journey that led her to Gimbrere Legal.

In her role as a secretary, Sascha plays a crucial role in the daily functioning of the office. She adeptly supports attorneys and lawyers in their responsibilities, handling tasks such as filing legal documents, managing calendars, and maintaining essential administrative functions. Her keen organizational skills and attention to detail make her an indispensable asset to the team.

Outside of her professional commitments, Sascha cherishes her time spent with family and friends. Whether enjoying a relaxing drink on the terrace, planning nights out, or orchestrating memorable vacations, she values the connections she has cultivated in her personal life. Sascha seamlessly applies her legal knowledge not only within the confines of the office but also in her personal pursuits, showcasing a genuine and enduring interest in the legal profession.

Driven by a perpetual curiosity for the legal industry, Sascha continues to find fulfillment in her role at Gimbrere Legal. Her dedication, coupled with her passion for the law, exemplifies her commitment to excellence and makes her an indispensable member of the firm’s dynamic team.

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