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Gimbrere expands its horizons in Europe, with a new office in Italy, Rome.

Gimbrere lands in Rome, the capital of good food and good living. This magical city full of attractions will be part of our Italian coverage territory.

We will be pleased to assist both foreigners and Italians who require the assistance of our legal services.

The Italian capital is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Its history spans more than 2,500 years. Rome is home to an important historical and architectural heritage. Monuments such as the Colosseum, Trajan’s Market, the Pantheon, the Arch of Titus, the Roman lighthouses and the catacombs, which are located on the outskirts of the city, stand out. Of course, in this capital you will find plenty of museums and art galleries.

Called La Urbe, Caput Mundi and Eternal City, Rome developed from the union of small communities of shepherds living on the Palatine Hill, the main of Rome’s seven hills, as evidenced by evidence of dwellings dating from 1100 and 1000 BC (square Rome).

During its three millennia of history, Rome has influenced the thinking of the Western world as the capital of the Roman Empire. Its artistic and monumental legacy has given it the honor of being one of the most beautiful and visited cities not only in Europe, but also in the world.

However, the capital of Italy is not only past, but also present and future. It has a vibrant nightlife and a cultural agenda that will not let you get bored. The best attractions in Rome:

-Visit the Colosseum

Without a doubt, the Colosseum should always be at the top of the list of things to see in Rome.

-Walk through the Roman Forum

For history lovers, a stroll through the streets of the Roman Forum is a must. This place was the epicenter of the social, commercial and political life of ancient Rome.

-Food and drinks in Trastevere

With so many ancient monuments to see in Rome, you’ll need a break from architecture and step into a typical, lively place. Welcome to Trastevere, the coolest neighborhood in Rome. In imperial times it was a patrician area, where the great mansions of the nobles dominated the city. In the medieval years, however, it became a slum. The coat of arms of Trastevere is a lion’s head, symbol of majesty and power, on a red background. They say that here they kept a lion in a cage until he killed a child who approached the cage, and he was put to death.

Today, Trastevere maintains its medieval air, with its narrow cobblestone streets and old houses, but it has become a meeting point for young people, filling up with trendy bars and restaurants.

-Climbing of Palatine Hill

Roman mythology says that in the most central of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, there was the cave where Romulus and Remus were found. This hill was given the name of Mount Palatine. From its top you can see most of the most important monuments to see in Rome.

-Visiting museums

One of the things to do in Rome is undoubtedly to admire its great artistic and cultural heritage, derived from its millenary history and scattered in countless museums.

The Vatican Museum and the Capitoline Museums are among the most visited museums in the world. The quartet of museums Baroque, Roman Civilization, Ara Pacis and Napoleon are the key spots for history lovers to witness the different phases through which the mighty Rome passed, from its foundation to its fall, passing through the periods of maximum splendor.

-Admiring the pantheon

Among the many ancient buildings and temples that can be seen in Rome, the Pantheon is the best preserved of all. This fact is really surprising, considering that it was erected between 118 and 125 B.C. It was the first temple where anyone was allowed to enter to worship the gods. Before its construction, only priests could do so.

-Walk along a section of the Appian Way.
This is the queen of the Roman roads.

If you like classic movies, you will have no trouble remembering the crosses that the Romans placed on this road, crucifying the rebels who supported the revolt of the great Spartacus (played by Kirk Douglas). It is one of the things to do in Rome that will transport you to another era while enjoying nature.

-St. Peter’s Basilica and other churches

The capital of Italy also belongs to the Catholic Church. Among all the churches to see in Rome, St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican is undoubtedly the most visited.

-Enjoying the gastronomy

With so much to see, you’ll need to recharge your batteries by sampling the tasty Italian cuisine. We recommend you to get lost in the narrow streets of this city, and let yourself get carried away discovering small and large gastronomic establishments. Undoubtedly, for all tastes.

-Tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain

It’s impossible to enjoy everything there is to see in Rome in a single trip… Or a single lifetime. That is why it is of vital importance to throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain to fulfill a soon return to this city! Nicolò Salvi, the architect who created the Trevi Fountain, sought to recreate a beautiful scene related to the sea.

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