Gimbrere Legal lands in South America, with its new office in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Gimbrere arrives in Uruguay as the first Dutch law firm.

Are you a European citizen and want to expand your business to South America? Are you interested in buying a property in Uruguay? Do you think it could be a good investment option? 

We are very pleased to announce our arrival in Uruguay. With our offices located in the heart of Montevideo, we will be happy to assist you.

We are the first Dutch law firm in the country and we serve both Uruguayan and foreign citizens.

Uruguay, “the Switzerland of America”:

It is said that Uruguay is “the Switzerland of America”. For its prairies, for its plains, for its coasts, for the level of education of its population, for the quality of its meat and agriculture. However, being between two big countries, especially in terms of tourism, such as Brazil and Argentina, Uruguay can go unnoticed by a number of European and American tourists.

In Montevideo you hear the mystical vibration of the drums all year round, which have their brilliance in the carnival. It is a city that harmoniously combines modernity and tradition, a city that challenges all the senses through tango, murga, candombe, mate, good wine, roads and their flavors. Visit the small cafes on Sarandí street, in the heart of the old town, stroll and discover the Italian baroque architecture, the historical monuments and murals scattered around the city, walk along La Rambla and enjoy the scenery that gives the Rio de la Plata.

Like its neighbors, it has a nightlife, a gastronomic scene, a landscape of mountains and beaches that are attractive to those who know them. Suitcase magazine, a travel specialist, made a list of five reasons why Uruguay is a destination that should be at the top of the list of countries to travel to.

Uruguay has one of the least populated coastlines in the world. Along the southeastern part of the country, beaches start from Montevideo, the capital, to the Brazilian border. Most of the year, when it is not the summer season or holidays, the coastal cities remain almost empty. So much so that, for example, the city of Punta del Este, which is the busiest during the summer, turns off its traffic lights during the winter and early spring.

The types of beach experiences vary. You can summer among nature as in Punta del Diablo, unique and protected places like Cabo Polonio, in fashionable cities surrounded by international stars like Punta del Este or in a fishing village that became an area of luxurious houses like José Ignacio.

Uruguay is known for being a great relaxation retreat for foreigners. However, its cities also provide many night restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beach parties and concerts. Montevideo, the capital of the country and home to almost 50% of the Uruguayan population, offers all this together.

It is a prosperous country with a stable political and economic environment, including a long democratic tradition that has seen regular and fair elections followed by peaceful transfers of power for decades.

The capital, Montevideo, offers easy access to the major cities of neighboring Argentina and Brazil: Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires, is a short flight or boat ride away, and Brazil’s economic epicenter and largest city, São Paulo, and Chile’s capital, Santiago, are less than a three-hour flight away.

In addition, cargo shipments out of Montevideo – which is also Uruguay’s main port – have easy access to Africa and Europe, as well as the rest of the Americas, making it one of the most important ports in the region in terms of container volume.

It has strong logistics and infrastructure, as well as some of the best and most reliable telecommunications and electricity supplies in the region, providing obvious advantages for companies doing business in the country.

If you intend to relocate to Latin America as part of your market entry, the particularly high quality of life on offer is another compelling reason to invest in Uruguay.

The country’s prosperity, stability, relatively low crime, good climate, strong culinary culture, good infrastructure and facilities, and the famously friendly disposition of its citizens make it a particularly pleasant place to live.

These are the must-see places to get caught in Montevideo:

– Historical Center: known locally as the Old City, was the origin of the Spanish military fortification. It is the place of Montevideo’s living history. On this site there was a fortress called Ciudadela. The structure that supported the entrance gate to the fortress is currently located in its old place, between Plaza Independencia and Sarandí pedestrian street. The tour of the Old City allows you to visit buildings of great architectural and patrimonial value, museums, exhibition halls, cafes, restaurants, design shops, bookstores, antique shops and an extensive shopping promenade.

– Port Market: this is the ideal place to taste the best of Uruguayan gastronomy. Located in the port area, this large market is full of restaurants, cafes and grills to try the best Uruguayan asado. Outside the building, artisans and musicians congregate on weekends to sell their wares and add festivity and color to the area.

– Pocitos Beach: is one of the busiest in the center, it is bordered by the famous Rambla, a coastal walkway of more than 20 kilometers (making it the longest in the world). This beach hosts numerous nautical events throughout the year and is surrounded by high-end restaurants, luxury stores and beautiful beachfront hotels and temporary apartments.

– Carrasco neighborhood: One of the top areas to live in. Close to the airport you can find many bars, restaurants, cafes, for example the Sofitel hotel, the rambla and more!

– Tristán Narvaja FairTourist spot, typical but different. Lots of historical and vintage items for sale!

So, did you like Montevideo?

We also help Uruguayans who need to carry out procedures or solve legal issues, such as locals, or Uruguayan citizens who want to reside in Europe or carry out business matters.

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