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Meet Mariona Ferrer Mora, our Spanish lawyer

Meet Mariona Ferrer Mora, our Spanish lawyer

I am Mariona Ferrer, I am Spanish, from the island of Menorca, and I studied law at the Pompeu Fabra University, in Barcelona. I completed my Master’s Degree in Access to the Law Profession at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, where I confirmed my vocation for the legal profession. I am currently completing a Postgraduate Degree at the Illustrious Bar Association of Barcelona specialized in International Protection of Fundamental Rights.

Since I was little, the world of justice had always caught my attention. The fact of “doing justice” caught my attention. When I started my degree, and especially when I accessed the master’s degree for access to the profession, I felt that I was right, since being a lawyer is the ideal way to channel my interest in defending just causes and providing support to those who need legal support.

The complexity and intellectual challenge of law also attracted me, and seeing how legal knowledge can create positive change in society convinced me that this was the career I wanted to pursue. Moving to Barcelona was a simple decision to make for me. In Barcelona there is the Pompeu Fabra University, which stands out for its law degree, which is why I decided to study my law degree there. After four years, I finally decided to take the master’s degree for access to the legal profession in the same city, which I passed along with the state exam, and obtained my license to practice.

Barcelona is a city full of opportunities that align with my interests and skills, especially in the legal field, and, more specifically, in the field of advising foreign clients. Barcelona has a large international presence and a constant demand for professionals who can provide legal assistance to clients with interests in Spain.

The work environment at Gimbrere Legal Spain is collaborative and enriching. I would highlight the team’s dedication and commitment to offering comprehensive legal solutions to our clients. The firm is distinguished by its client-centered approach, always seeking to thoroughly understand their needs to provide high-quality, personalized legal advice. Furthermore, the breadth of knowledge and specialization in areas such as real estate are fundamental pillars that make Gimbrere Legal stand out in the legal field. On the other hand, my work covers a wide range of legal areas, from civil and family law to criminal, inheritance, and especially Real Estate.

Each case involves an international dynamic that I find very interesting. This experience is a great challenge, but also an opportunity to give know our ability to advise all foreigners who have interests in Spain. My short-term objectives with Gimbrere Legal focus on strengthening our presence in the real estate sector, consolidating our role as comprehensive advisors for foreign clients interested in acquiring properties in the region. We seek to optimize our processes to offer an even more efficient and personalized service.

Gimbrere Legal can be a great ally for foreign clients interested in buying properties in a country that is not their own. We offer a comprehensive service that ranges from the search for the perfect property for the client to the signing of the contract. Our team provides detailed advice on the local market, finds properties that fit clients’ specific needs and acts as an intermediary in negotiations.

Additionally, we provide full legal support to ensure that all transactions are carried out in accordance with local laws. We are here to make the process of buying a property in a country abroad as fluid and safe as possible. In addition to my work at the office, I enjoy various activities in Barcelona. This city offers an extraordinary cultural wealth. I am a professional cellist, and I actively participate as a cellist in the Pompeu Fabra University Orchestra, my alma mater. I also really like playing sports, especially outdoors, and I also enjoy my time reading.

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