Meet our team - Georgina Dell'Acqua Steffano

Georgina is part of our team and in this article we tell you a little about her so you can get to know her! #MeetOurTeam

Georgina dell' Acqua

My name is Georgina Dell’Acqua Steffano, I am a lawyer graduated from the Universidad de la República in Uruguay. I grew up in Ciudad de la Costa, a seaside resort very close to Montevideo, a bit quieter and close to the beach.

Also, in Uruguay I completed a postgraduate course on Civil Liability and another one on Corporate Counseling, in addition to several courses.

For many years I had the desire to live in another country and take advantage of the experience. Although I love my country, I wanted to live the experience and the infinity of opportunities and situations that open up and present themselves here in Europe. Barcelona was always the city that most interested me and caught my attention. Luckily I was encouraged to do it. It is an incredible city in many ways, it is multicultural, and always presents you with diverse options. It is also easier here to adapt culturally and professionally coming from Uruguay.

Next month marks my first year at Gimbrere, practically the same time as the headquarters here in Barcelona.
From the very first moment I was positively surprised with the whole team, with their energy and their way of working. Coming from another country so far away and different, there are always barriers or fears. However, from the very first moment I was welcomed in the best way and they made me feel at home. The way of working is very dynamic, practical, with positive energy and highlighting teamwork as well as the achievements of all. It is a young, experienced team, always ready to provide the best service. In addition, internally and as a human group, the warmth and joy never ceases to amaze me.

Beyond work, I am interested in learning about gender and feminism. At the University of Barcelona I completed a Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Social Rights and Sustainability, which I finished with a dissertation on the legal regime of care in Uruguay from a gender perspective.

I am also part of a network of Uruguayan professionals, academics and students living in Barcelona, called UYRedes. It is very interesting because of the synergy that is generated and that we seek to generate for the development of our professions or enterprises abroad and in connection with Uruguay.

On the other hand, I really enjoy Barcelona for the different activities it offers, I am passionate about the sea, I like to train, travel, and go out with my friends.

As an Uruguayan, and with the love I have for my country, it is both a great pride and a great challenge that Gimbrere is landing in Uruguay today.

In the short term, I would like them to start getting to know us there, and to be able to advise both foreign people looking to settle in Uruguay or start a business, as well as Uruguayan men and women who have interests in Europe.

I believe Gimbrere can be an interesting bridge of connection between Uruguay and Europe, considering Barcelona as one of the most important gateways. On the one hand, many Uruguayan companies are starting to land in Spain and Europe, and I consider that having legal advice from both sides, or with a nearby headquarters as a connection, and with professionals who also have experience in different countries is very useful and productive. On the other hand, I also believe that we will be able to assist people who have interests, inheritances, contracts, and any type of link with another person or company in Europe. We also seek to provide assistance to Uruguayans or other Latin Americans who intend to settle in Spain, in relation to immigration and residency issues.

I also consider it important to highlight the great bond that exists between Uruguay and the Netherlands, closer than what is commonly known.

There are many areas where Gimbrere Legal can assist you. As an Uruguayan, I am very pleased to cooperate with the ties between my country, Barcelona which is my new home, and the Netherlands which received me so pleasantly.



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