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Gimbrere Legal introduces in this article to Giulia Gressani, Italian lawyer of Gimbrere Legal. You can read more about her passions and her story of how she became a lawyer!

My name is Giulia Gressani, I am Italian, from Treviso city, and I studied law at the Universitá degli Studi di Trieste. Since I was a child, my orientation has always been clear towards law.
In the course of my university career I did an Erasmus Study in Spain, at the University of Cordoba, where I learned Spanish and started to get to know the Spanish culture. I also studied law in Spain and obtained a Master’s Degree in Law.
I have been always attracted by laws school: I think it is because of the classical studies I did and because of a great interest in knowing how the legal sector works, which orders the system where we live. My main interest in this choice was my curiosity to know and access to this legal knowledge as it has always fascinated me and I consider it very important in people’s lives.
After my graduation in Italy I decided to do an Erasmus Traineeship abroad, my interest was to do another experience outside Italy. I got a scholarship to go to a law firm in Barcelona, at that moment I quickly decided to come to Barcelona for a 6 months experience in an international law firm. I loved this city, I stayed and I started to homologate my Italian law degree in Spain in order to do my Master’s degree in Law. I guess I never really thought about living abroad and developing my career in another country, it was not a “project” but something that happened naturally after my Traineeship in Spain.
I think it is because Barcelona is an international city, with many opportunities, with many people from other countries and it is easy for an Italian to feel a little bit at home in this city. In addition, what attracts me the most, also at a professional level, is the international context, meeting people from other cultures and I love international law. Barcelona is a city that offers this opportunity.
I joined Gimbrere Legal some time ago. For me Gimbrere has been a fantastic chance: we are a young firm, with a very open mentality that goes a little bit out of the schemes of the classic law firms. At least the Spanish and Italian ones I have met so far. The way of working is very efficient and the team is very committed to the job and very professional. I believe this is also due to the full confidence and capability of its founder. The colleagues are also very open and available: they welcome you as if you were at home! And it is our mission as a team to make our customers feel the same way.
The work I do depends a lot because we are dealing with various issues: civil law, family law, criminal law, administrative law, inheritance law, sales and purchases etc.
My day-to-day work always has this international aspect which I feel very comfortable with and skilled: we work for foreign clients with commercial, economic or other interests in Spain. It is a great challenge and an opportunity to make known this firm that can advise all foreigners with interests in Spain and other countries where we are present.
In Barcelona I enjoy the beach and outdoor activities and recreation.
Our office is in the Mapfre Tower on the Paseo Marítimo and we have a beautiful view of the sea and the city. Since my home city, Italy, is not so close to my home, the friendships I have built over the years are my family here but I also have the opportunity to travel to Italy for work.
In the short term my goal is to have a portfolio of Italian clients, both Italian with interests in Spain, for example for incorporation of companies, real estate sales, debt collection etc., both Italian, Spanish or Dutch with interests or affairs in Italy.
Gimbrere can help Italians especially in corporate matters (incorporation of a company in Spain) since Spain is a country where Italians (individuals and legal entities) want to invest, even to expand their business. Also for the purchase and sale of real estate (whether real estate in Spain or in Italy). Gimbrere Legal can also assist Italians residing in Spain for divorce or other procedural matters. I think that the strong point of our office is that we speak Italian and for a client it is important to feel at home and to speak their language.
So what Gimbrere can do is to help Italian residents in Spain, with all types of issues they may have, either in Spain or in Italy, and all other citizens for example Spanish and Dutch citizens with issues or interests in Italy. Our plus is our experience, language and knowledge of Italian law.
If you need more information on how we can help you, in Italy, do not hesitate to contact us. #GimbrereLegalItalia

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