Companies and reorganization

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Companies and reorganization

He has plans to incorporate a company. He practices his own profession as a freelancer with the advantages of a company. In that case, career counseling is more than welcome. Even if you choose another legal form, such as a limited partnership, we can help you. But what if that partnership fails due to mutual quarrels? In this case, a Gimbrere Legal attorney can help you find a solution.

Would you like more information on a labor law topic? Do not hesitate to contact one of our labor law attorneys. Our lawyers specialized in labor law work closely with our specialists in commercial law and civil liability law.

The consequences of a reorganization for employees can be significant. This may include obtaining a different job, a different work location, new fringe benefits or termination. Sometimes, the employer is obliged to seek legal advice on the consequences of a reorganization.

For an employee, a reorganization can be stressful. Stress and insomnia are particularly frequent complaints. After all, we have an uncertain future ahead of us. We will guide you optimally through this phase of uncertainty. An employment lawyer can help you with this. Gimbrere Legal ‘s employment law specialists assist both the employee and the employer in a reorganization.

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