Support in case of labor conflicts

Derecho laboral

Support in case of labor conflicts

Gimbrere Legal ‘s team is composed of experienced labor and employment lawyers. Driven and specialized, they closely follow the evolution of (inter)national labor legislation.

We provide assistance in the Netherlands (with offices in Breda, The Hague and Amsterdam), Spain (with office in Barcelona), Italy (with office in Rome) and Uruguay (with office in Montevideo). Our labor lawyers can assist you in all labor law matters. It doesn’t matter if you have a problem as an employer or as an employee.

A dispute with your employer can often happen. The reasons may be a delay in the payment of wages, an unexpected dismissal or an accident at work. Or receive too few vacation days when you are sure you are entitled to more. What happens to a profit sharing that suddenly stops receiving? Sometimes the cause of the conflict is that you simply cannot get along with your employer. How do you get out of it? A Gimbrere Legal employment lawyer will help you.

A summary dismissal is, in fact, a termination of the employment contract without respecting a notice period. If you are fired with immediate effect, the (financial) consequences are often enormous and incalculable. It is the most severe form of dismissal and, in fact, can only be applied if the employee has behaved in a seriously culpable manner. Therefore, it means more than the direct termination of the employment contract. Entitlement to unemployment benefits is also terminated. Therefore, as an employee, it is advisable to challenge the dismissal as soon as possible. But how is it done? Did the employer have an urgent reason? Have your personal circumstances been taken into account? And did he tell you in writing?

At this stage, it is advisable to call a labor lawyer immediately. A Gimbrere Legal attorney knows the pitfalls involved in this process. A specialist in labor law can try to keep the employee’s job. This is the most common and most often desired by the worker. If the employer does not want to reinstate the employee, the employee can claim wages through the courts and work to ensure that the wage claim procedure is successful.

Have you been illegally dismissed? We will help you with compensation. Have you been fired and want to contest your dismissal because you disagree with it? We help you resume your job and get your wages paid. You have received a notice of dismissal y needs help.

Do you have any questions about (advice on) unfair dismissal or is there a problem in your organization related to instant unfair dismissal? Do not hesitate to contact one of our labor law specialists. Gimbrere Legal ‘s team of labor lawyers has extensive experience in assisting in serious dismissals.

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