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New technologies – Get to know MIXO DRINK

New technologies – Get to know MIXO DRINK

My name is Martin Cohen, I am Uruguayan, I arrived in Barcelona at the end of 2019 to do a marketing degree. I like swimming in the sea, going on adventures and meeting new people!

MIXO started at the end of 2020 when I started going to clubs and festivals and I began to notice certain shortcomings, such as that in order to buy a gin and tonic I had to wait a long time standing in endless lines and depriving myself of wasting quality time with friends at these events. At that moment MIXO was born, a project of which I am the founder and today we have a team of four Full Time people, with an investment of 500,000 euros and an Enisa of 195,000 euros,

The team is formed by Xavi Olive, as lead engineer. Xavi is in charge of the entire mechanical area and the industrialization of the product. Then we have Hayk Petrosyan, he is the Full Stack Developer who is in charge of all the Front Back and electronics of MIXO and finally we have Vicente Rubio who is in charge of all the relationships and contact with the Partners.

After 3 years of R&D we created the first self-service machine that makes mixed drinks for festivals, nightclubs, hotels, weddings, etc. MIXO is revolutionizing the HORECA sector with technology, style and fun. Eliminating inefficiencies related to long lines for customers and high operating costs.

The way MIXO plans to do this is by creating a self-service cocktail machine for the end user. The introduction of MIXO will reduce waiting lines, production time and costs, thus improving the customer experience. In addition, MIXO will also help boost sales and increase the profitability of the event in a safer and more sustainable environment.

The company has a vending machine that it rents out every four weeks for whoever is interested. Until now the artifact has been shown around the PACHA Barcelona and Costa Este nightclubs in Palafrugell and more. We call our clients Partners and they are within the HORECA sector, they are discos, festivals, weddings, after works and events.

From MIXO we hope to close a second round of financing of two million euros in the middle of this year and with the capital raised to bet on the expansion. In the long term, our desire is to expand throughout Europe and the United States, with a focus on Italy and Portugal.

Personally, I feel very good in the Spanish culture since it has many similarities with the Uruguayan culture what I like to live in Barcelona that we are close to the beach on the mountain you can go skiing if they were to give their good place where you are in contact with nature, you eat well and good weather. I really like going to the beach, to the Costa Brava, to the mountains and occasionally skiing.

From my point of view, Barcelona is one of the best of the best cities to undertake due to the facilities that both the Catalonia City Council and the Spanish government give you, divided by the ecosystem that is generated by the location and the climate. It is a city where good universities, masters, accelerators, business angels and venture capitals converge.

In this way, the fusion of talent, money and a good lifestyle means that Barcelona is positioned as one of the best cities in Europe to start a business. And last but not least, my favorite drink is… rum and coke!

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