Incorporation of a company in Italy

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Incorporation of a company in Italy

To register a company in Italy you must first define the type of company you want to incorporate. Then, the corresponding articles of incorporation of the company are drafted and the required affidavits and other documents are submitted, which must include the following be previously presented before a notary and translated into Italian. It should be noted that the steps to be followed may vary depending on the origin of the entrepreneur.


  • Obtain a residence permit in Italy.
  • Italian Tax Code.
  • Open an account in an Italian bank.
  • Establish the parameters of association before a notary.
  • Register in the commercial registry.
  • Register for VAT (Imposta sul valore aggiunto).
  • Pending the approval of the court corresponding to that commune.


In order to incorporate a company in Italy, then, first the procedure is carried out before a notary public and then it is filed at the commercial registry. Then VAT registration is continued. This step is usually done by an Italian accountant. This is responsible for requesting a VAT serial number and then submitting the documents to the tax authorities.

All these procedures can be carried out by a legal representative with a previous power of attorney.


Types of companies that can be incorporated in Italy:

  • Limited Liability Company (S.R.L.): This type of company is registered in Italy starting from a share capital of 10,000 euros. Your membership is unlimited
  • Public Limited Company (S.P.A.): Two people can form a SPA. One as a director and the other as a shareholder. For this company, the minimum amount of capital stock required is 120,000 euros. Its shareholders are unlimited.
  • General partnership (SNC): In the SNC there are no limits on the number of partners and there are no limits on the minimum capital stock established. The liability of each partner is joint and several and unlimited.
  • Limited partnership (SAS): This type of company is characterized by two types of partners: limited partners and limited partners. There is no minimum amount required for capital stock.
  • Cooperative SocietyThere are no limits as to the number of partners and the capital required. However, with respect to the liability of each shareholder, it may be limited or unlimited, as agreed in the bylaws.
  • Italian representative office, subsidiary or branch: If you already have a company incorporated in your home country, you have the possibility to form an extension of it in Italy. Which is a very good option because it is the expansion and internationalization of your business.


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