Criminal Law


Criminal Law

Legal support from our criminal lawyers

Criminal law is an area of law that provides the basis for maintaining order and justice in society. Gimbrere Legal’s criminal lawyers in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague handle criminal cases for both individuals and entrepreneurs. At every stage of the criminal process, we expertly advise our clients. Cases range from simple felonies and misdemeanors to complex criminal cases and life crimes. We have broad expertise in criminal law and are happy to assist you if you are a suspect, victim or witness.

What is criminal justice?

Criminal law is a complex system of laws that defines and regulates offenses and crimes. The goal is to maintain social order and protect individuals and property, creating a just society. Within criminal law, offenses are defined, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies, and corresponding penalties are determined. The system of criminal justice includes procedures for investigating, prosecuting and trying persons accused of criminal offenses.

The role of a criminal lawyer

An integral part of criminal law is the criminal lawyer. These professionals are essential for individuals facing criminal charges. At Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague, we not only provide legal assistance but also play a crucial role in ensuring a fair trial. Our criminal lawyers take on the defense, represent clients in court and seek a just outcome. By leveraging our expertise, we play an important role in preserving the rights of defendants.

What can you hire a criminal lawyer for?

In addition to providing legal representation, our criminal lawyers help clients understand the charges and prepare an effective defense. We negotiate possible punishments and push for a just outcome. Criminal law covers a wide range of crimes and offenses. You can call on the criminal lawyers of Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague for the following issues:

  • crimes concerning property, violence, traffic, nightlife
  • theft/appropriation and handling, burglary with and without violence
  • confiscated license
  • fraud
  • fraud and money laundering
  • scam
  • falsity (in writing)
  • extortion
  • drug offenses (Opium Act)
  • threat
  • organised crime
  • murder and manslaughter
  • sex offenses
  • Fiod cases

The importance of a good criminal lawyer

When facing criminal charges, it is essential to hire the best criminal lawyer. Choosing an experienced lawyer in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague can make all the difference in the outcome of a case. At Gimbrere Legal, we offer legal expertise and understand the nuances of the criminal justice system.

Material criminal law

Substantive criminal law is the core of criminal law and deals with specific criminal offenses and their associated penalties. It determines what conduct is considered criminal and provides the basis for criminal prosecution.

Experienced criminal lawyers at Gimbrere Legal

Are you a suspect, victim or witness in a criminal case? And do you want to know what to do? A criminal lawyer from Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague can advise you in such situations. Feel free to contact one of our specialists. We assist clients throughout the entire phase of a criminal trial as well as beyond. Whenever possible, we try to avoid litigation.

Contact us for criminal justice advice

Are you in contact with the police or justice system? If so, we advise you to contact us directly. If necessary, we can immediately assist and provide you with criminal law advice. The stakes are often high, so expert legal assistance is essential. Our criminal lawyers in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague work closely with our liability law and corporate law specialists.


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