Inheritance Law


Inheritance Law

Inheritance Law

Inheritance law is a complex legal domain that governs the distribution of property and rights after the death of a person. During this emotionally charged period, it is very important to be familiar with the basic principles of inheritance law and seek the expertise of a specialized inheritance lawyer. Inheritances and estates often involve disagreements or conflicts that can run high. Gimbrere Legal’s inheritance lawyers in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague translate emotional issues concerning inheritance law into legal options.

What is inheritance law?

Inheritance law is the legal framework that determines how a deceased person’s estate is distributed. This estate includes not only assets, but also debts and other financial interests. Inheritance law determines who the heirs are and what portion of the estate belongs to them. It is a complex set of rules and regulations that provides the basis for fair and equitable distribution.


A will is a key document in inheritance matters. It allows a person to record specific wishes regarding the estate. Drafting a well thought out will is very important to avoid potential disputes between heirs.

Inheritance tax and the estate

Dividing an estate also involves inheritance tax. It is essential to be aware of the tax aspects of inheritance law, both for the estate giver and the heirs. Gimbrere Legal’s inheritance lawyers in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague have tax expertise and will be happy to provide you with detailed information on inheritance tax and inheritance law.

International inheritance law

Inheritance law is becoming increasingly complex. Especially now that there are more composite families and more official and unofficial forms of cohabitation. In addition, there is increasing internationalization resulting in heirs having to deal with a foreign will more often. Understanding international inheritance law is critical to overseeing the distribution of an estate with international aspects. For specific questions about international inheritance law and how it may affect your situation, please contact one of our inheritance lawyers. We are ready to advise you.

The role of an inheritance lawyer

For inheritance law issues of any complexity, it is highly recommended to hire a specialized inheritance lawyer. Our professionals in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague have in-depth knowledge of the law and can expertly assist you in settling the estate. For optimal results, it is crucial to choose an attorney who specializes in probate law. You can also call on the experts at Gimbrere Legal for assistance with issues concerning family matters.

Enlist the assistance of an inheritance lawyer

Assistance from an experienced probate lawyer can help prevent escalation and resolve conflicts. That way you know exactly where you stand. There may be disagreement about the executor and his actions when it comes to executing the will and settling the estate. Or perhaps you want to know when you can claim your legitimate portion? You want to claim your child’s share, what about it? And after the death of a family member, what about the division of the estate? Is there a dispute or, even worse, argument within the family over inheritance? What actually happens if no will is drawn up at all?

The inheritance lawyers of Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague have extensive experience in the field of inheritance law and are up to date with the latest developments. Both in the Netherlands and in Spain. For detailed advice and assistance with probate matters, contact our specialized probate lawyers. We are ready to support you in these often sensitive and complex matters.

Collaboration with corporate and family law

Our inheritance law attorneys in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague work with corporate and family law specialists. Especially in complex, inheritance law cases, this extensive expertise is a great asset. In this way, we ensure that all legal aspects of the estate are fully addressed.


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