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Jack Schoenmakers

Jack Schoenmakers

Jack Schoenmakers, an attorney since 1986, has and long career as an attorney characterized by extensive experience and expertise in various facets of the law. With a particular focus on (international) family law, Jack has developed into a highly experienced partner. Jack specializes in (international) family law , international child abduction, custody and and visitation disputes.

His experience and commitment shows, among other things, in his active involvement in cases of international child abduction and relocation of children. Jack performs on clients at home and abroad. Jack also regularly lectures and advises foreign partners.

As a member of the Dutch Association of International Child Abduction Lawyers (D.I.A.L.), Jack not only demonstrated his commitment to quality, but also previously held the position of president within the organization. This association consists of independent lawyers who have a common specialty namely international child abduction cases.
Outside of his busy practice, Jack Schoenmakers is very active. In his spare time, he devotes time to his hobbies such as running, tennis, travel and padel.

Spain and its vibrant culture are very appealing to Jack. He visits Spain very regularly for business and private reasons. His work at Gimbrere Legal is underscored by his involvement in national and cross-border litigation, as evidenced by his successful performance in cases involving Europe but also far beyond. Outside of Europe, countries passing through his practice include India, Oman, Pakistan, Israel, the U.S. and Brazil. At Jack, a strategic and comprehensive approach to each case is paramount.

Jack Schoenmakers is and remains very active in the areas of (international) family law, national and international relocation, and child abduction.

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