Corporate and Corporate Law

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Corporate and Corporate Law

As an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you will have to face issues related to corporate law, trying to optimally safeguard the interests of your company. For this reason, Gimbrere Legal ‘s team works closely with companies in the corporate, contractual, bankruptcy, civil and labor areas, among others. Whether you have certain conflicts internally in your company that need to be resolved, to drafting contracts, it is imperative that companies have legal advice and develop strategies for the resolution of such problems or administrative procedures.

Corporate law regulates the organization and formation of companies. Also its operation.

Gimbrere Legal ‘s team can advise you on the incorporation of companies in your country or abroad, as well as provide you with the legal support that the company needs once it is incorporated. Whether they are limited companies, joint stock companies, brunch, permanent establishments, etc.

For example, at the stage when the company is incorporated, the shareholders’ agreement can be concluded and, of course, the general terms and conditions of your company are drawn up. It is very important to know what kind of society you can and want to build, depending on the origin of the society and the country.

Gimbrere Legal is a law firm specialized in corporate and corporate law. Are you interested in incorporating your company outside your country to expand your business? Make sure you have a legal ally when making these important decisions. I reached the best possibilities for your company with Gimbrere Legal.

If you have a company in Latin America and want to expand your business to Europe, our lawyers will be able to suggest the best options for this process. We have already assisted many entrepreneurs from Gimbrere Legal Uruguay whose intention is to market their products or services in cities like Barcelona or in countries like Holland.

Contact us so we can assist you with your company nationally and internationally.

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