Rental Law


Rental Law

Support with rental law conflicts or issues about rent and leasing

Are you a property owner considering leasing or are you already a landlord? In that case, it is crucial to be familiar with the complex landscape of lease law. Below is a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects of rental law, including your rights and obligations as a landlord or tenant. The lawyers of Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague are ready to advise you on rent law.

What is rental law?

Tenancy law encompasses the legal framework that governs the relationship between tenant and landlord. It is a vast field that covers various aspects, including drafting lease agreements, dispute resolution and establishing rights and obligations of both parties. Rent law applies to various types of rent, such as residential rent, business rent and social rent. The rental law attorneys at Gimbrere Legal advise both tenants and landlords if you are facing a rental dispute.

Regulations within rental law

Within rental law, the rules for letting residential property are different from those for letting commercial property. It also matters whether you are renting out a hospitality property or office spaces. You can rent out a property for a fixed period of time without a tenant enjoying rent protection. However, this cannot be unlimited. When leasing hospitality properties, the law stipulates clear lease terms. These rules just don’t ensure that there are never problems between landlord(s) and tenant(s). Most rent disputes arise when rent is not paid. As a landlord, what can you do to terminate the lease if your tenant fails to fulfill their obligations? And what risks do you face as a tenant when you don’t pay the rent? We are happy to help you with this.

Can I rent out my house?

Are you considering renting out your property? Then it is very important to be aware of the rules for renting out a house. These rules include aspects such as the maximum rent, the condition of the property at the start of the lease and the tenant’s rights. Before renting out your property, it is wise to research whether you are legally allowed to do so. Gimbrere Legal offers insight into legal restrictions and requirements so you can make informed decisions.

Drafting a watertight lease agreement

A solid lease agreement is the cornerstone of a successful rental relationship. Our lawyers will draft a lease for you that protects both your interests and those of the tenant. This includes, among other things, the listing of lease terms, rights and obligations of both parties, and provisions regarding any disputes.

Support for rental law conflicts

The moment you rent out a property, you automatically have to deal with rental agreements and, for example, property maintenance. This is also the case when renting a home, store or hospitality property. Want to know how it works with subletting and co-tenancy? Or have you received a letter telling you to leave your home? These are all questions governed by the lease agreement and by law. Our rental law attorneys have the necessary knowledge in this regard and will support you in rental law disputes.

Rental law attorneys at Gimbrere Legal in Amsterdam, Breda and The Hague

Rental law is a source of countless questions. The rental law attorneys at Gimbrere Legal advise both tenants and landlords if you are facing a rental dispute. Would you like assistance in drafting a lease or are you in a dispute with your landlord or tenant? If so, contact one of our rental law specialists.
Our rental law attorneys work closely with labor law and business law specialists.

Get advice from our rental law attorneys

To protect tenants and landlords, there are several laws and regulations in place within rental law. It is essential to be aware of key rental laws. In complex rental issues, the expertise of a rental law attorney can be invaluable. Our attorneys understand the essentials of lease law and will assist you in representing your interests. Contact us today for professional advice.

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